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Australian Mum Shocked After Spotting Dozens Of Spiders In Her Daughter's Room

Stewart Perrie


Australian Mum Shocked After Spotting Dozens Of Spiders In Her Daughter's Room

Seeing a spider in your room is terrifying enough, but imagine see dozens, literally dozens, of the creepy crawlies coming out of a crack in the wall.

Well, an Australian mum has had to endure that after going into her daughter's room.

It's tough to work out just how many huntsmen spiders there are in the photo uploaded to Twitter, but I think we can all agree that 'too many' is a good estimate.


A friend of the mother wrote on the social media site: "They're bigger than the tiny babies I've seen. You can see how big they are by the window.

"They are fast and they jump and they're big. I catch them and put them outside. This, however, would totally freak me out."

People were understandably shocked and horrified when they saw the collection of spiders.

One person wrote: "Bloody hell...Australia is a horrifying place at times."


Another added: "I would faint if I walked into a room and saw this. Then I would look at renting elsewhere or selling the house. I know they're harmless but I have a MASSIVE phobia and would not be able to live in the place after this...and I live in Tasmania and we have BIG huntsman spiders"

A third shared a terrifying similar encounter, writing: "I once pulled a piano apart in a Year 7 music class and disturbed a huntsman's nest. Spiders running up my arms..all over me...kids screaming and running from the room. Hilarious!"

Yes - so hilarious.


Thankfully for the mum and everyone reading this: huntsmen spiders aren't usually harmful to humans and are actually great friends to have in your house as they'll clean up all the other flies and insects you don't want.

Still, that's a lot of helpful friends.

They can and will bite you if you provoke them and the venom will be a painful experience, however they will usually scuttle away if they're approached.

Mother huntsmen spiders traditionally will lay a sac of silk with about 200 eggs inside. She guards them for a few weeks after they hatch and will help them reach adulthood.

Featured Image Credit: @PrinPeta/Twitter

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Stewart Perrie
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