Bizarre Video Shows How Octopuses 'Walk' On Sea Floor

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Bizarre Video Shows How Octopuses 'Walk' On Sea Floor

Incredible footage has been released showing how one species of octopus 'walks' along the sea floor.

Everyone knows the traditional octopus has eight arms that have suction caps and are altogether pretty terrifying to see.

However, some biologists believe our thinking needs to change in the way we talk about the animals' apendages. These experts suggest we need to refer to six of the gangly things as 'arms' and the rear ones as 'legs'.


Footage released by the Discovery Channel shows how one octopus manages to walk swiftly along the ocean floor by seemingly walking.

People reacting to the footage were well and truly floored, with one person writing: "I just so never cease to be amazed by this amazing planet."

Another added: "I also think they could walk vertically or horizontally because they have the suction cups. Amazing creatures."

A third said: "Wow that is really interesting and incredible moment with this Octopuses Thank you for this amazing moment."


Most octopuses swim through the open sea by 'sucking water into their bodies and shooting it out a tube called a siphon', according to the World Animal Foundation. They also use their appendages to propel them in a certain direction.

However, a study done in 2005 revealed how they prefer to 'walk' when getting around and especially when trying to evade predators.

In the March edition of the journal Science, it was explained how octopuses will use their two 'legs' to move and the six 'arms' to 'transform their bodies into clumps of algae or rolling coconut shells that may not interest predators'.

Science coauthor Robert Full from the University of California said this discovery switched up everything we knew about the animal.


"This discovery provides true inspiration for the beginning of a new age of soft robotics. The videos are almost unbelievable," he said.

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