Burger Sold In Australia Is So Hot That Customers Have To Sign A Waiver Before Ordering

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Burger Sold In Australia Is So Hot That Customers Have To Sign A Waiver Before Ordering

There are some people who just adore spicy things. Whether they keep a bottle of chilli flakes in their pocket at all times or can eat a Carolina Reaper with no issues, there are some out there who love that kick in the throat.

Well, they better gear up for a burger that is so hot that you have to sign a waiver before eating it.

Burger Urge, a chain of restaurants across Australia, has debuted their Double Decker Death Wish burger this month and it looks seriously intimidating.


Burger Urge head chef Joel Chrystal said in a statement: "With COVID-19 making 2020 possibly the worst year on record for most, we debated whether it was the right time to bring back the Double Decker Death Wish burger - particularly after the world had already suffered through a toilet-paper shortage."

This latest version of the burger comes with two Australian grass-fed beef patties, bacon, jalapeños, cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, aioli and their mouth watering 'Death Sauce'.

Look, anything with the name Death in it surely can't be good for you, but, hey, the haters can get stuffed. The sauce is apparently 700 per cent hotter than a normal jalapeños.

They also have what's called 'Atomic Hybrid Chillies, which is a combination of Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga, Jolokia, Apocalypse Scorpion, Borg 9 and Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion.

Credit: Burger Urge/Facebook
Credit: Burger Urge/Facebook

Burger Urge says people wanting to undertake this bad boy will have to sign a waiver acknowledging the risk involved in eating something so goddamn hot.

The restaurant will even provide you gloves and goggles to ensure parts of your body will keep clean from the ungodly burn of the chillies.

It's only available for a limited time, and has debuted at Burger Urger's 23 stores in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. If you're a vegetarian then fear not, there's a meat-free option as well if you want to test your tastebuds.


The restaurant even uploaded a video of a person trying it and, look, it didn't go down well.

So, if you think you have what it takes to not only chuck this in your gob, but keep it there and not throw up spicy Death Sauce everywhere then give it a go.

Featured Image Credit: Burger Urge

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