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Domino's Australia Shares Best Hacks For Eating Leftover Pizza

Domino's Australia Shares Best Hacks For Eating Leftover Pizza

And you thought eating it cold from the fridge was the best way to consume leftovers.

Depending on your culinary preferences, you might be inclined to say that eating leftover pizza in the morning is arguably better than when it arrives hot and fresh the night before.

But the question always has to be asked: is there a better way to eat leftover pizza than straight out of the fridge?

It's a valid enquiry but the legends at Domino's Australia have revealed that there are a few hacks that you can employ if you want your pizza tasting the best.

Many people like to reheat their pizza in the oven to replicate that crispiness and full flavour. But if you can't be bothered to wait for the oven to heat up, you can use this easy microwave hack.

Domino's Australia

I know what you're thinking: duh, if you put it in the microwave then it will get soggy. Well, if you chuck a full glass of water in with the pizza, and whack in on for 30 seconds, you'll ensure that the food stays crispy.

Domino's says it won't 100 per cent guarantee crispiness, however it will be a hell of a lot better than if you don't include the glass of water.

If one slice of cold pizza isn't enough to satisfy your cravings then you can do what Domino's suggests and put two slices on top of each other (toppings facing each other) and make a pizza sandwich.

Chuck it in a sandwich press or a waffle grill and you'll have one delicious meal on your hands.

Domino's Australia

To make pizza a part of your breakfast routine, you can always scrap off the toppings and mix them in with some beaten eggs to make a cheeky little omelette.

Or, if you really don't care about breakfast being the most important meal of the day then you can turn parts of your pizza into a goddamn dessert.

The Domino's Japan team has helped out with this one and it involves removing all the crusts from your leftover slices and chucking them into a pan that is doused in butter. Once they're sizzling in the pan, just add some icing sugar and, bam, you've got yourself a 'Crust a la Churro' that is described as 'sweet, salty, doughy deliciousness'.

If you can't stomach all the flavours again, you can cut the crusts off and then use whatever dipping sauce to have some doughy appetisers to your brekkie.

Of course you can always just eat the pizza cold and see how you go, but at least there are options to be seized if you want to mix things up a bit.

Featured Image Credit: Domino's Australia

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