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Google Maps: Guy Points Gun at Street View Car In Detroit, Michigan

Google Maps: Guy Points Gun at Street View Car In Detroit, Michigan

The Google Maps Street View car captures the moment in Detroit, Michigan when a man points a gun at it. Scary stuff.

Sure Google Maps has revolutionised the way we travel, but it's the weird and wonderful things it picks up along the way that truly makes it shine. We've seen people picking their bums, flashing their assets and more recently, it's uncovered a super-secret government location in Spain. This time it's snapped something even more sinister, unsurprisingly in America. In a now blurred image, we can clearly see a young male aiming a gun at the camera.

With Google Maps, you can access satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle and air or public transportation all from the palm of your hand. We've got to admit, it does feel a little intrusive, but it's for the greater good. Sure, you might get snapped without realising it, but at least you'll never get lost on the way to work.

The Moment A Gun Is Pointed At The Google Maps Car.
Google Maps

There are some people who hate getting their photograph taken, perhaps they're a little unphotogenic, but surely aiming a weapon towards the photographer is a little extreme.

We're not sure if the person driving the car noticed at the time, but we're sure they freaked out when they looked back at the footage.

It's not known if the gun was loaded or not.
Google Maps

Since the gun-happy youth aimed his weapon at the Google car in Detroit, Michigan the image has been blurred out, but we managed to grab it just in time.

You can quite clearly see five people noticing the vehicle driving past the house before a man in three quarter length shorts and a cap menacingly aims weapon. Fortunately he didn't pull the trigger.

The house where the men stood is now blurred out on Street View.
Google Maps

If you want to scope out the scene, you can check it out for yourself here.

This isn't the only shocking scene that Google Maps has blurred out, you will also find that they have covered up an entire "house of horrors" in the USA.

For all the latest weird and wonderful findings on Google Maps, stay tuned to LADbible.

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps

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