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Bomb Squad Called After Man Gets Admitted To Hospital With WWII Bomb Stuck Up His Bum

Bomb Squad Called After Man Gets Admitted To Hospital With WWII Bomb Stuck Up His Bum

The patient 'slipped and fell' onto the anti-tank artillery shell.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

The bomb squad was called to a UK hospital after a man was admitted with a World War II explosive stuck inside him.

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire Royal Hospital explained how 'a patient had presented with a munition in his rectum' and staff were concerned the explosive could be live.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust told Insider: "As with any incident involving munitions, the relevant safety protocols were followed to ensure that there was no risk to patients, staff, or visitors at any time."

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal team (EOD) was dispatched to the hospital to investigate.


By the time they had arrived, doctors had already removed the bomb and experts were able to determine that it definitely wasn't live and therefore not a threat to anyone at the hospital.

According to The Sun, the patient explained that he 'slipped and fell' onto the artillery shell, which was two-inches wide and was a part of his military memorabilia collection.

A source told the British newspaper: "The guy said he found the shell when he was having a clear out of his stuff.

"He said he put it on the floor then he slipped and fell on it - and it went up his a**e. He was in a considerable amount of pain. I think he collected military memorabilia."

You don't say.

The Explosive Ordinance Disposal team later confirmed the 17 centimetre by 6 centimetre bomb was a 57mm shell that was 'typically fired from six-pounder anti-tank guns'.

Artillery shell stock image.

The story comes a month after a report revealed people putting stuff inside thier bums costs the UK's health service, the NHS, around £340,000 a year.

From hairbrushes, to pens, rolling pins to wine glasses, there is no shortage of items that people have attempted.

Experts looked into NHS data to see how many times the phrase 'manual removal of foreign body from rectum' popped up in UK hospitals between 2010 and 2019.

There were roughly 3,5000 incidents over that time period and it's raked up £3 million in costs.

The researchers believe internet porn and access to sex toys could be behind the rising number of people wanting to explore that part of their bodies.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England Annals said thankfully most patients are able to remove objects within 24 hours thanks to anaesthesia, however there are still some who require hospital stays of more than a day.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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