Man Punches Seagull When It Tries To Grab His Food


Man Punches Seagull When It Tries To Grab His Food

A bloke has reacted with lightning speed when he saw a seagull approaching his food.

The man was getting what appears to be some prawns from The Seafood Shack on a beautifully sunny day and looked to be pretty happy at tucking into the treat.

Little did he know that as he was waiting for the food, a seagull was sitting atop the stand and was ominously watching for any chance of a cheeky bit of a nibble on someone's meal.


As the man was walking towards the camera operator, the bird saw an opportunity for some delicious, fresh seaside prawns.

While it perfectly executed a classic swoop and duck move to pinch some of the man's food, it perilously wasn't ready for the bloke to defend himself and his recent purchase.

The man swung around and clocked the bird right in the belly, causing it to fly away instantly.

Credit: ContentBible
Credit: ContentBible

The puncher didn't even really flinch and seemingly carried on afterwards like nothing even happened (although he did have a wry smile on his face as he approached the camera).

Not that we're advocating for animal harm, but the sheer speed and accuracy in the punch is undeniably impressive.

While the video is a couple of years old, it's had a resurgence on social media.

A user posted the clip onto Reddit's Public Freakout page and it's gathered tens of thousands of reactions.


One Aussie person said they would like to be able to replicate this move when it's magpie season, but everyone knows that would just be a hilarious dance with the devil.

A different user said: "Bet that's not the first time dad has punched something - my man had a quick jab and their reactions were mildly surprised and mostly entertained."

Another added: "Perfectly practiced manoeuvre that the gull had pulled a thousand times... he never saw the punch coming."

A third wrote: "This guy look like the quintessential British dad."

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