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Melbourne Man Caught Outside His Home Because His Housemate Was Having Loud Sex

Melbourne Man Caught Outside His Home Because His Housemate Was Having Loud Sex

A Melbourne man has given one of the funniest excuses for breaking Stage 4 lockdown.

Under the rules, millions of residents are only allowed to leave their home for four reasons, they can only exercise once a day for an hour, only one person in the household can do the shopping per day, you have to stay within 5kms of your home and you can't be outside your home for any reason from 8pm until 5am.

There have been hundreds of people booked for doing the wrong thing since the restrictions were introduced and it's baffling to see people still trying to skirt around the rules.

However, one bloke clearly had had enough in his home due to some raunchy scenes playing out near him.


A statement from Victoria Police said the man was caught in his car on Sunday evening.

When officers asked him why he was outside the 5km radius, he said his housemate was having loud sex with an 'intimate partner' and he had to get some space.

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Loads of us have been there when the housemate has become a little randy and forgotten (or not cared) that people might be able to hear every slap, squeak, moan and groan during a session that can go for hours.

Pre-Covid we've been able to get out for some fresh air. The bloke probably should have gone for a walk around the block rather than a drive outside his neighbourhood.


Victoria Police have heard every excuse under the sun after catching people breaking the rules.

One bloke was recently booked for helping a mate move a TV and then travelled to a fast food place 27kms from his home. Another incident saw a man have four friends over to visit at his bungalow in the backyard of a Mount Alexander property to 'watch the footy'. Several have been booked for playing Pokémon Go.

In a 24-hour period on the weekend, a whopping 270 fines were dished out to people.

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