Mum Slammed For Seemingly Naming Her Daughter After Her Favourite Weed Strain

A mum on Instagram has been roasted after seemingly naming her daughter after a strain of weed.

In an image that was shared to Reddit, the 420-friendly mother was seen posting an image of her young daughter's first day at school to Instagram, which all seemed pretty normal at first.

The caption, however, was another story.

"Indikah's first day at preschool today!" she wrote.

"Spread your wings baby girl, the world is a beautiful place to explore."

The kicker came at the end of the post, where she puzzlingly tagged a cannabis enthusiast page on Instagram.

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For the uninitiated, Indica is a classification of marijuana known for its relaxing and therapeutic qualities and is scientifically referred to as Cannabis indica.

The strain is popular for use at the conclusion of one's day as it promotes sleepiness and relief to those suffering from chronic pain.

Despite the positive qualities of the plant, some people took issue with someone being named after it. As expected, Reddit users had a field day over the bizarre choice.

Many slammed the moniker as 'trashy' and 'cringy', with a small minority dubbing the odd name as 'bada**'.

One flabbergasted Redditor wrote: "I can't believe someone called their daughter Indikah. Well, I kinda feel it is very possible, I just can't comprehend it."

Another added: "This will be the next fad. It will replace Crystal/Krystal soon."

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A third fumed: "I get liking weed. Hell, I used to enjoy the f**k out of it during my 20s, but I've never understood the weed as a lifestyle thing. Like the wearing of pot leaf on hats or clothes.

"Naming your kid after weed is just f**king baffling to me. What happens when she grows up? People are going to laugh at her and mock her because of her pothead parents' giving her a marijuana moniker."

It seems that this lady isn't the only one paying homage to their favourite herb - another user revealed a friend of theirs opted for a similar name, saying: "Buddy of mine named his son Thadius Henry Cox just so his initials would be THC."

Another added: "I legit went to high school with a girl named Mari Juana (last name)."

A third commented: "I was named Marijane, my mum was a little on the nose with her love of cannabis."

No word yet on if the mum in question has another kid named 'Sativah'.

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