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People Are Going Wild Over This Dog's Halloween Outfit

People Are Going Wild Over This Dog's Halloween Outfit

Its owner dressed the pooch up as Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

New York City held its Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade over the weekend and there were plenty of fantastic outfits.

Dog owners dressed their four-legged friends in all sorts of costumes that ranged from your classic spooky characters to things that are topical for 2021.

While everyone is a winner, the internet has crowned what looked like a chihuahua as the people's winner for its fantastic Pinhead outfit from the iconic Hellraiser films.

The owner was sporting a cool leather jacket an epic beard, but he paled in comparison to his tiny dog.

The white pooch, with its adorably derpy look on its face, had a head attachment that looked like it had pins sticking out of it, as well as a black leather dress.

People have gone absolutely wild over the costume and have already declared it the best outfit for 2021 (at least in the animals department).

The irony of this situation is hilarious.

In the Hellraiser movies, Pinhead is one of the leaders of the Cenobites, who are a group of former humans 'who were later transformed into demonic creatures blindly devoted to the practice of experimental sadomasochism'.

Whereas in East River Park over the weekend, this Pinhead Pooch looks like it wouldn't even hurt a fly.

There's also another layer that the dog's head is so small that it could be given the nickname pinhead.

There were some other fantastic outfits at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, including an adorable Pope Pooch, a dog that was dressed up as a stick of butter, and a separate one that came as a corn.

There was one that was sat inside a Blue Origin rocket, which is Jeff Bezos' space company, and also another that was made to look like Maleficent.

No doubt there will be plenty of animal-led Halloween parties and parades this week in the lead up to Halloween, but just be aware that the bar has been set very high with the New York City Pinhead.

Featured Image Credit: newyorknico/Instagram

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