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Pranksters Trick School Board Into Reading Some Extremely Dodgy Names At Hearing

Pranksters Trick School Board Into Reading Some Extremely Dodgy Names At Hearing

Calling all prank fans - the gauntlet has been thrown down in style

A school board meeting in the US has been hijacked by kids enacting a classic prank, straight out of Bart Simpson's book of crank phone calls. Watch below:

The Henrico County Public Schools Board in Virginia was hosting a session relating to students' safety and wellbeing, and things were already pretty tense.

However, when school board member Roscoe D. Cooper III asked the next person to step up, he couldn't possible have known he and the board were the victims of a well-executed practical joke.

Reading from a list of names scheduled to speak at the meeting, he called for the next person to speak - a guy named Phil McCrackin. Chortle!

You get it, right? No? Oh, OK - for anyone not so quick on the uptake, the name pronounced out loud sounds like 'fill my crack in'.

Mr Cooper paused after calling on Mr McCrackin to approach the lectern, but unsurprisingly the mystery man didn't show. So he moved onto the next person on the list: Sook Mahdik.

Again, sounds innocent enough until you realise it sounds vaguely like 'suck my'... well, you get the picture. A bit more tenuous here, but still funny.

Bart Simpson mastered the art of the crudely punning name, but someone here deserves credit too.

The prank carried on for nearly a minute, with Mr Cooper calling for the likes of Ophelia McCaulk, Don Kedick, Eileen Dover and Wayne Kerr to step up. And you can do your own translation here - you know how puns work.

Each name was politely called out twice and the school board member seemed completely unaware that this was the work of an expert jokester.

I suppose they couldn't exactly laugh about the names in question - what if they'd been real?

However, the good people of YouTube most certainly got the joke when it was shared over there, as people responded in droves.

Henrico Schools

One person commenting on the video on YouTube said: "Classic. Need more of this in the world."

Another added: "The kids that submitted these names are the future of the US I hope for."

A third wrote: "This video is the highlight of the my life since the pandemic started."

The meeting went for more than three hours, according to the Henrico Citizen, but this minute of disguised potty-mouthery was the clear highlight.

Among the items on the agenda w hoerew schools in the district could combat Covid-19 transmission, transportation issues, and the school resource officer program.

Yeah, the puns are definitely more interesting.

We may never learn who's responsible for this genius level prank, but from the rest of the world: thank you.

Featured Image Credit: Henrico County Public Schools​ Board/YouTube

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