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Vegans Set Up A 'Dog Meat Farm' To Prove Meat Eaters Are Hypocritical

Stewart Perrie

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Vegans Set Up A 'Dog Meat Farm' To Prove Meat Eaters Are Hypocritical

Vegans have set up a 'dog meat farm' to explain how meat eaters are hypocritical about their beliefs.

People who are staunchly plant-based have often criticised carnivores for happily eating meat from cows, pigs and chickens but not other animals like horses or dogs.

So, a crafty thinker set up the Elwood's Organic Dog Meat website and social media channels to challenge how meat eaters think.

To the unsuspecting viewer, you would genuinely think this is a legit farm that is specifically designed for raising dogs for slaughter.


The site states: "Elwood's Organic Dog Meat has been family-owned and operated for over two generations. We're dedicated to offering our friends and neighbors the best, sustainably raised dog meat available."

They brag their dogs are 'free-range', 'local', 'organic', fresh, never frozen', 'free from antibiotics', 'humanely slaughtered' and 'loved'.

As you scroll through the homepage, the site changes to a much more direct tone and explains how you're a hypocrite if you're horrified by the idea of raising dogs for the meat industry.


When it switches to Elwood's Organic Pig Meat, it asks the viewer 'Does that feel better?'

"If so, why do you feel one way about dogs and another way about pigs, an animal that is actually smarter than a dog? (If you're feeling discomfort or reaching for excuses as you read this--it's totally normal. Most people don't want to think about this at all.)" the page said.

They explain how chickens, sheep, cows and pigs are sensitive, intelligent beings who shouldn't be forced to suffer for our consumption.


Their Facebook page posts gorgeous pictures of dogs from various breeds while explaining a real-world farming situation that often happens.

"Captured this sweet moment of a pup saying goodbye to his mom as she can no longer produce milk," the wrote alongside a photo of a golden retriever puppy hugging an older one.

The FAQ section is also pretty wild.

That's where the penny properly drops that this is a satirical page designed to explain to meat eaters that chowing down on a steak is wrong regardless of the animal.


They wrote:"Most dog lovers wouldn't want to see their companion animal's murdered body parts on a plate in front of them. They wouldn't be ok with their dog being forcibly impregnated, tortured, and killed-and they wouldn't want to pay for it, either.

"So: is it possible for you to love a dog but also torture and kill her? Especially when you have endless food choices available? Can you really be an animal lover if you pay for any animals to be hurt when it isn't necessary?"

Featured Image Credit: Elwood's Organic Dog Meat

Topics: News, Animals

Stewart Perrie
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