Woman Shames Her Fiancé For Bringing His Xbox As She Goes Into Labour

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Woman Shames Her Fiancé For Bringing His Xbox As She Goes Into Labour

A woman has shamed her fiancé for bringing his Xbox console into the hospital ahead of her giving birth.

The mum shared her story on their joint TikTok account, Anxiety Couple, where Haydee showed Scott utilising a TV in her room to play some video games.

He had even plugged in his headset to ensure he wouldn't bother other patients with the sounds of gunfire.

Based off the grainy footage, it looked like the guy was playing Fortnite.


In her video, the woman told her followers: "So I might go into labour today, and my boyfriend is doing this."

She yelled out to her partner, saying: "Babe, why did you bring your Xbox?"

He replied: "One game I promise."


The woman captioned the video with: "He's going to miss his son's birth due to that Xbox."

The video has racked up millions of views and, unsurprisingly, there was a mixed reaction from people in the comments section.

One person wrote: "I play games and to me this is just disrespectful, he's missing memories he should be having."

However, another user hit back, saying: "I honestly don't mind that at all! I told my husband to bring the Nintendo Switch so we can play Mario Kart when I go into labour."


Haydee cleared up the confusion by explaining that not only did she actually not care about him playing Fortnite in the hospital, but it was actually her idea to get her fiancé to bring in the gaming console.

"I'm kidding I had my dad bring it for him he deserved it for always being there with me," Haydee said.

While it ended well for Haydee and Scott, there have been other stories of people getting into heated rows when a baby is born.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

A man posting on Reddit revealed the story of how he was kicked out of the delivery room as his wife was giving birth for making rude jokes and comments.

The unnamed 25-year-old man took to the internet to find out whether he was actually doing anything wrong, or whether the 'joyless hag of a nurse' - perhaps not the nicest way of putting that - was the person at fault.

The first comment that set the nurse off was - he claims - when he was asked by his wife how things looked... down there.

The man replied: "I feel like I'm watching my favourite restaurant burning down."


Next up, the doctor had to stitch his wife up after the birth and he responded: "Would you mind putting in a few extra?"

To be clear, he does also say that his wife was laughing and didn't mind the jokes. Perhaps this tells us what gas and air can do to a woman in dire straits.

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