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Husband Divides Opinions With Christmas Meal Hack To Save On Washing Up

Husband Divides Opinions With Christmas Meal Hack To Save On Washing Up

The family have been quick to defend themselves after posting what their unconventional Christmas meal looks like

Regardless of your Christmas Day traditions, there’s one thing we all hate doing – the washing up. 

Well, one man has refused to let the trolls get to him after revealing he serves his Christmas dinner in foil oven trays. 

Last year, the busy father decided to leave ‘washing dishes’ out of his Christmas schedule completely, so he served his children their festive roast in huge trays instead of plates. 

His family served themselves from a feast in the centre of their table and, when they were done, they simply threw the containers out. 


His wife posted pictures of their festive ‘hack’ on social media, where she admitted the foil trays felt a little crazy at first, but 2020 was the year of crazy, so why not go along with it. 

Despite not having to do everyone’s most hated task on Christmas, the oven trays have still divided opinions online. 

One mum said: “I like doing the table up nice for the children, to make it special for them - but could do it as a joke one year when they are older.” 

Another added: “No, no, no - I wouldn't eat off tin foil. So lazy.” 

Others rightly pointed out the negative environmental impact these foil trays have. 

“This ends up in landfill I presume. It doesn’t take long to wash a few plates – get the family involved...and use the pretty plates instead of this,” one woman said. 

Another user agreed, as they said: “My thoughts exactly – if everyone did this it would be so bad for the environment. Takes two minutes to wash a few plates.” 


Nevertheless, many people banded behind the family for their genius idea, describing it as ‘their kind of heaven’. 

One woman wrote: “Might have to do this the way my toddler keeps smashing plates – she has plastic ones but gets hold of ours.” 

Another mum agreed: “I already use baking trays to cook everything, paper plated are too small and don’t hold gravy well but this is epic.” 

Regardless of what others think, the family liked it so much they are going to be doing it all over again this year. 

The mum did hit back at haters in the comments, as she said her family ‘recycle often’. 

She also defended the foil containers from those who called them ‘ugly’, simply telling them to ‘get real’. 

Who knew foil trays could be so controversial. 

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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