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Lewis Capaldi apologises to Lorraine after offering her 'seven inches of me'

Lewis Capaldi apologises to Lorraine after offering her 'seven inches of me'

After offering her 'seven inches of me', Lewis Capaldi has said sorry to Lorraine.

Lewis Capaldi has apologised to Lorraine after offering her 'seven inches of me' on her show.

The singer caused a bit of a stir of Lorraine today as he handed over a gift to the host.

It quickly became clear what he meant as he promoted new single 'Forget Me', and he decided to go in with the joke again before apologising.

He said: "There you go, my seven inch... record. Sorry.

"Yeah that's actually a Bastille record that's inside it so please don't open it, that's a mistake on our part."

Luckily the gift was much appreciated, with Lorraine saying 'I love vinyl' as she started going red in the face at the innuendo.

Fans watching Lorraine thought the moment was absolutely hilarious, with many taking to social media to say how much they loved getting a laugh from Capaldi's antics in the morning.

One person said the moment was 'classic comedy right there', while another said they 'absolutely adore this man'.

Watch the singer make the bizarre offer below:

A third person said that the singer 'has the best sense of humour' and everyone was seeing the funny side to having 'national treasure' Lewis Capaldi on their screens this morning.

Someone else simply said 'what a ride Lorraine is today', which makes sense considering they'd just had Theresa May on to talk about the Queen's death.



Plenty thought the only problem with Capaldi's time on Lorraine was that it 'wasn't long enough', with viewers delighting in someone they see as 'so fun and genuine'.

At this rate with so many fans maybe the singer should shelve the music career and get a new job as a talk show host.

Capaldi recently revealed that he was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome and explained that he was having Botox injections to control it.

The popular singer explained on Instagram that it made his shoulder twitch, and that by getting injections there it helped stop him from making sudden movements.

The singer said 'it comes and goes', speaking of how he could go months without experiencing any symptoms and chose to reveal his diagnosis as he 'didn’t want people to think I was taking cocaine or something'.

As for his single 'Forget Me', the music video has turned out to be a hilarious parody of Wham!'s 'Club Tropicana' with Capaldi himself taking centre stage.

The song will also be a welcome arrival for fans who might have been worried that no new music was on the way, with Capaldi having joked at Latitude Festival that he was 'too lazy' to come up with new songs.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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