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Man who refuses to move rock on his driveway demonstrates 'how easy it is to see'

Man who refuses to move rock on his driveway demonstrates 'how easy it is to see'

Mark Coultous says the rock on his driveway is perfectly legal and stops people driving on the pavement

A man who has a large rock at the end of his driveway to stop people turning around has defended his actions, showing how easy to see the rock is, and claiming that anyone who crashes into it is at fault, not him.

Here's a good look at exactly how visible the rock is, in case you're wondering:

To be fair to him, people shouldn’t be driving on the pavement, but it’s fairly inoffensive - or at least it should be - to use someone’s driveway to turn around.

However, some folks who have used Mark Coultous’ driveway to turn around have bashed into a big rock with ‘NHS’ written on it in paint.

In fact, he’s even set up a camera called ‘Rockcam’ to capture people doing it.

Despite the fact that it seems to have caused damage to some people’s cars, Mark - who lives with his family in West Yorkshire - said that the rock ‘serves a purpose’ and ‘most cars’ are now ‘more cautious when they come up the street’.

The possibility of crashing into a big rock and having to get your car fixed will do that.

In a video on his @RockCamTok TikTok page, he took his followers for a walk around the rock, showing it off from all available angles on his street.

Here's the driveway view of the rock.
Kennedy News and Media

He said: "As you can see, we've got all of this [panning around the street] turning space.

"We've got all this turning space, so let's just have a look.

"As you can see, if I'm coming up this road in a car - can you see this rock?

"I can see it.

"Look at all this road.

"I mean, it's [the rock is] even nice enough to have a bit of a slam, you know.

"Instead of just crunching the cars, it's got a nice bit of a slam."

Can you see that rock?
Kennedy News and Media

In his defence, there is a lot of room on the street, so the rock should be avoidable.

It's hard not to believe that there's a large part of this about him not wanting people turning around on his driveway, though.

In another video, Mark explained his reasoning behind the rock: "People seem to think it's okay to drive 1.5m over a pavement and onto the drive and seem to say that it's been done maliciously.

"It was put there for the NHS during Covid. Happy clappy times - the kids did it. Kids did it all over the country.

“It's been left there ever since because it's serving a purpose. So yeah, it's staying there.

"We did realise it was actually serving a purpose when we saw cars hit it. Not many hit it. Most cars don't.

“In fact most cars now are actually more cautious when they come up the street.

"There's only one or two that hit it.

“It's not my problem. I'm not moving that rock because someone can't see and hits it.

"I can see it, everyone else can see it that comes up the street as you'll see on the live camera views. Everybody else sees that rock.

"So yeah, people can't sue me for that. I didn't think they could."

A lot of people seem to be in favour of Mark’s decision to keep the rock, and there doesn’t seem to be any reason that someone could sue him, given that it’s not an obstacle in the highway, but sitting on the end of his drive.

Mark says people can't sue him for hitting the rock.
Kennedy News and Media

One person commented: “People shouldn't be driving over the pavement in the first place. If they do and hit a rock placed on his garden then tough luck."

Another wrote: "He can decorate his drive however he wants. It's the responsibility of the driver to make sure they don't hit anything on his property."

However, there are those who don’t agree.

One commented: “If you're going to put something there it should be something tall people so they can actually see from all angles."

Someone else said: “That rock would come through your window after it hit my car.”

Don’t do that - that definitely would be an actionable offence.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@RockCamTok/Kennedy News and Media

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