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New 'Bigfoot Sighting' Leaves Expert Admitting 'It Could Be Real'

Anish Vij

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New 'Bigfoot Sighting' Leaves Expert Admitting 'It Could Be Real'

Footage has yet again emerged of another 'Bigfoot sighting' and an expert reckons 'it could be real'. Check out the clip below:


Whether it's the real creature or not, let's be honest, if you saw something like that come at you in the woods you'd probably s*** yourself.

Well, some viewers, more than others, definitely thought the footage was pretty frightening.


The ape-like figure was seen squatting in the undergrowth in a dense forest in Georgia, US.

One wrote: "Best footage I've seen in a while I understand the shakiness I would've been pooing in my pants woooooow that thing was huge."

"Does a Sasquatch s*** in the woods?" someone else added.

A more sceptical viewer commented: "They do all sorts of things for attention down in Georgia."

Credit: Instagram/cryptiduniversity
Credit: Instagram/cryptiduniversity

Expert Seth Breedslove, a documentary maker and the man behind Small Town Monsters film production company, told Daily Star that the video might be legit.

He said: "The subject seems to be very large but the movement possibly gives away the potential for some trickery.

However, at the same time, Breedslove also suggested it could be fake.


"The subject seems to be looking down at the ground as it turns indicating it might be a person in a suit who is having some difficulty judging the forest floor beneath them.

"It makes me think this is more than likely a hoax."

The filmmaker went on to say: "The thing does appear to be large though, so maybe it’s real?

"These videos always leave us with more questions than answers."


A few months ago, a man claimed he was once terrorised by an 8ft 'Bigfoot' on his way home, saying he was 'hunted' by something 'twice the size of a bear' during a terrifying 24-hour period.

Sharing his harrowing experience on the Forest Fleur Bigfoot Research podcast, he said: "It didn't take more than two seconds for me to say, 'Well that ain't no bear.'"

It then scrambled up a hill, tearing down 'three nice trees' as it ran off.

He added: "When something is twice the size of a bear you almost know it immediately."


Travis recalled how later that evening he went outside to his porch for a cigarette - which was when the Bigfoot creature reappeared. 

He continued: "While I was out there, there were at least three or four trees - and I mean full-sized trees - coming crashing down onto the apartment building.

"It sounded like when you're outside in a thunderstorm... It was obvious that these were telephone pole sized trees, coming down onto the building."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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Anish Vij
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