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Bouncer Reveals What Doormen Legally Can And Can’t Do

Anish Vij

| Last updated 

Bouncer Reveals What Doormen Legally Can And Can’t Do

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@charliejeer

Many of us have been there on a night out when the bouncer can come across as a little bit rude and aggressive, but a TikToker has revealed what doormen are legally allowed to do and not do. Watch below:


Firstly, Charlie Jeer, who says he's a bouncer, goes through the 'things doorman/bouncer legally CAN do'.

According to Charlie, a bouncer can:

  • Refuse a person entry without reason
  • Kick a person out without a reason
  • Search someone as an entry criteria
  • Use force to remove a person if needed
Credit: TikTok/@charliejeer
Credit: TikTok/@charliejeer

However, he says bouncers cannot do the following:

  • Search a person without consent
  • Search someone of the opposite gender (not including bags)
  • Use unnecessary/unjustifiable levels of physical force

Charlie ends the video with: "Stay safe and call out abuse."

Credit: TikTok/@charliejeer
Credit: TikTok/@charliejeer

Part one of the viral video was posted last month (24 Aug) and racked up three million views with 214,200 likes.

Although comments were turned off for the original post, users still managed to voice their opinion on his other bouncer-related TikToks.

In another video, he caused some controversy by saying that bouncers can legally 'perform a citizen's arrest where it's necessary'.

One user argued: "Even tho anyone can perform a citizen's arrest."

A second user added: "Anyone can perform a citizens arrest where it's necessary... it's why it's called citizens arrest."


According to People Safe: "A citizen's arrest is made when a member of the public apprehends a suspect and detains them until the police arrive to formally arrest them.

"This may be necessary in situations where a person is behaving in a violent or aggressive manner, causing a threat to themselves or the safety of others around them.

"Legally anyone can carry out a citizen's arrest, but there are a number of guidelines you must follow when doing so to avoid getting into trouble yourself.

"Section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) states that an individual can perform an arrest on somebody they suspect of committing an indictable offence.

"This applies to serious offences that can be tried in a Crown Court, for example, assault, burglary or criminal damage."

However, they note: "It's vital to make absolutely certain you have appropriate reason to make the arrest, as arresting someone who is found innocent can leave you open to being charged with unlawful arrest or false imprisonment."

Topics: UK News, TikTok

Anish Vij
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