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Daughter Sends Mum Picture Of Her New Bedroom, Forgets To Hide Handcuffs

Daughter Sends Mum Picture Of Her New Bedroom, Forgets To Hide Handcuffs

She instantly regretted her decision

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

When you fly the nest, though your parents are probably ecstatic that you've finally left, they still want to know you're doing alright and check in on you from time to time.

But when uni student Ella Martine sent her mum some snaps of her newly decorated bedroom, she forgot to do one very important thing. Hide her handcuffs.

Like any parent, Ella's mother was proud of her kid's efforts, but she didn't waste any time in bringing up the chains hanging down on her bed rail.

Replying to the teen's snaps, her mum said: "Nice. Except for the handcuffs??? What's up with that?"

What's up, indeed.

Rumbled, there was no place for Ella to hide, so she took it on the chin and did what we all would've done - posted her embarrassing exchange on Twitter.

The tweet, which has now been liked and shared by over 100,000 people around the world, read: "Mom's been asking for pics of my new room... finally sent one... I'm so stupid."

Despite being caught red-handed, Ella did try to throw her mum off the scent.

She added on Twitter: "I told her that my roommate was making a short film for a class, she didn't believe me."

Her mom went on to say they looked 'super tacky' and 'not very classy'. Ouch.

Ella Martine.
Instagram/Ella Martine

In the end, however, Ella said she thought it was just funny, adding: "I've gotta boyfriend, y'all.
Life's too short, enjoy the tweet."

Fortunately for Ella, she wasn't alone, with plenty of other people commenting who said they had found themselves in similar situations in the past.

Ella's mum called the handcuffs 'super tacky'.
Twitter/Ella Martine

One user wrote: "My mom came over to help clean our house while I was pregnant. While cleaning our bedroom floor she saw the arm and leg restraints on our bed. Needless to say, she wasn't surprised I got pregnant so fast after the wedding."

Others praised Ella's mum's detective skills.

"Sounds like we have an undercover cop in our midst," said one follower. Another added: "How she even peep that?? she a mom mom."

While others pointed out that there were a variety of innocent reasons why someone might have a couple of pairs of handcuffs.

One wrote: "Gotta prevent sleepwalking somehow."

But in truth, let this be a lesson to us all to be careful about what you send your parents.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Ella Martine