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​Domino’s Delivery Driver Has Meltdown After Not Being Tipped

​Domino’s Delivery Driver Has Meltdown After Not Being Tipped

“Five minutes out there in the rain and no tip?”

A Domino's delivery driver has gone viral after being caught on camera having a bit of a meltdown about tips - or lack thereof - having been left waiting out in the rain while dropping off someone's pizza.

The driver was frustrated after receiving no tip for a delivery, despite standing out in the rain for 'five minutes'.

In the viral clip shared on TikTok, someone behind the camera can be heard telling the delivery driver: "Bro, just calm down. You've gotta take more deliveries."

The driver then shouts back: "I don't want to work here anymore. Five minutes out there in the rain and no tip?"

He then lashes out angrily at the stack of empty boxes beside him, with several toppling to the floor.


The video, which is captioned 'This is why you should tip your drivers', has been viewed 1.6 million times and has almost 200,000 likes.

There are also more than 17,000 comments, with many saying they totally understood the man's pain.

One user wrote: "If you can't tip then don't order out. Literally in a pandemic lmao."

Someone else agreed: "To the people who are complaining about leaving a tip... you simply shouldn't eat out or maybe go pick it up yourself. Drivers rely on tips!!"


But not everyone took the same stance, with others arguing that takeaways were 'already expensive' as it is, or that employers should be the ones to ensure workers are paid enough.

One person said: "Honestly tho tipping is a broken system no one should rely on tips, companies start paying ur workers brah."

Another added: "Corporations use the tipping system to underpay their workers. Do away with tipping and pay people enough to live."

Replying to one TikToker, the user who shared the video explained how even a token amount of cash would have helped - or simply the acknowledgement of his hard work.

He commented: "Yes it can if she would've given me a dollar or even apologized for the rain that I'm soaked in I woulda been fine."

Whatever your thoughts on the matter, a good rule of thumb is avoid leaving your delivery driver out in the rain...

LADbible has reached out to Domino's for comment.

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