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Experts Warns Motorists Not To Run Engine To 'Warm It Up'

Claire Reid

| Last updated 

Experts Warns Motorists Not To Run Engine To 'Warm It Up'

An expert has warned against warming up your car before setting off on a freezing cold morning.

When the temperatures drop, many motorists will leave their car running to warm up, but experts have warned that by doing so you could be damaging your engine.

RAC Breakdown spokesman Rod Dennis told: "We'd always advise drivers to get on their way as soon after clearing the windscreen inside and out.

"Sitting waiting for it to warm up is a bad idea for several reasons - a car warms up much faster when it's actually being driven, and idling contributes to air pollution and global warming, as you are needlessly emitting exhaust fumes.


"In very cold conditions, idling can also accelerate wear on the engine."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Leaving your motor running while waiting for it to heat up can strip engine oil away from the cylinders and pistons, which can mean your car's engine doesn't last as long as it should.

Speaking to Business Insider a few years back, former drag racer and mechanical engineer Stephen Ciatti, from the Argonne National Laboratory, said: "That's a problem because you're actually putting extra fuel into the combustion chamber to make it burn and some of it can get onto the cylinder walls.


"Gasoline is an outstanding solvent and it can actually wash oil off the walls if you run it in those cold idle conditions for an extended period of time."

Getting a bit too technical for me, Ciatti added: "Idling isn't really getting the engine up to temperature, and until that happens the little brain box on the engine is going to keep sending rich-fuel mixture to the cylinders so that it can ensure that enough is evaporated for a consistent combustion event."

Ciatta reckons the best way to warm up the car's engine is simply by driving your car - but of course, always make sure you've thoroughly removed ice and snow from the windows so you can see where you're going.


It takes around five to 15 minutes for your car's engine to warm up, so go easy for the first part of your journey.

Earlier this week, a woman showed off a 'hack' to de-ice her car windscreen using a bag of hot water, but, again, it comes with a warning that it could do more harm than good.


In a clip shared on TikTok user @kimbutt26, fills up a strong plastic bag with boiling water from the kettle and then slowly rubs the bag of hot water all over her windscreen.


Sharing the clip, she wrote: "That's one way of getting rid of ice."

But not everyone agreed and fellow TikTok user were quick to issue a warning to the woman.

One wrote: "That's also a great way to crack your screen... Not so clever..."

Another said: "All fun and games until the glass shatters."


Featured Image Credit: PA

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Claire Reid
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