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Father Names Newborn Son 'Department Of Statistical Information'

Father Names Newborn Son 'Department Of Statistical Information'

A dad in Indonesia has paid tribute to his workplace by giving his son the unusual moniker

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

An office worker in Indonesia has raised eyebrows after naming his newborn son 'Department Of Statistical Communication' - claiming that, amazingly, his wife didn't mind.

Slamet 'Yoga' Wahyudi, 38, had agreed with his wife when she was pregnant that he would be allowed to choose the name if she gave birth to a son.

His wife, Ririn Linda Tunggal Sari, 31, ended up having a boy, and true to the agreement Yoga was allowed to name him.


But rather than going for something traditional, the civil servant - who is from the regency of Brebes in the Indonesian province of Central Java - decided to pay tribute to his beloved workplace by naming him 'Dinas Komunikasi Informatika Statistik' - which translates to 'Department of Statistical Communication'.

It's believed that his wife was on board with the unusual decision, with Yoga telling local news site Kompas: "At first it sounded strange, but thank God my wife did not mind."


Not everyone was quite so accepting of the unorthodox name, however, with the couple's friends and family voicing their concerns - including their own parents.

Yoga apparently accepted their apprehension in good faith, before ultimately deciding on the 38-character mouthful as his son's name, undeterred.

But he was willing to meet them in the middle, revealing in an apparent compromise that his son will go by the portmanteau 'Dinko' in his day-to-day life, which is a bit less of a mouthful.


Yoga has worked as a public servant for more than a decade, having entered into the Indonesian civil service back in 2009.

He had previously worked as a radio announcer, but found his true calling in statistical communication.

It is not clear whether or not Indonesian authorities have accepted Yoga's son's unconventional name.

Yoga just said he hopes his child will grow up to be 'pious' and 'devoted to his family'.


Recently, another parent sparked debate on Reddit after saying they wanted to give their son a slightly unusual name - although nothing as leftfield as 'Dinas Komunikasi Informatika Statistik', we should add.

Posting on the forum site, she explained that she wanted to name her son after her late father, Brian, as he had been her 'best friend' and raised her 'single-handedly'.

She came to an agreement with her partner, saying that if they had a boy, she could call him Brian, leaving her other half free rein on the name of a girl.

Their first child was a girl, but she said she's now pregnant with their second child - a boy.

She explained: "Our first one was a girl, and much to our first discussion, I let him name her whatever he wanted.

"However, we just found out I was expecting a boy. He was super excited, until I started ordering stuff with the baby's name on it.

"He asked me why I was ordering stuff with the name Brian, and I said it was obviously because that is what we were naming him."

The distressed mum-to-be went on to say her partner thought she had been 'kidding', and that his family have been 'complaining' about the 'really bad name', saying he will be bullied.

She added: "I'm willing to budge on the spelling if I HAVE to, but they just want the name completely gone.

"I understand it's not a popular name. However I feel like this is something that is so precious to me that I will not budge."

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