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Orgasms Work Just As Well As Painkillers In Curing Migraines, Says Study


Orgasms Work Just As Well As Painkillers In Curing Migraines, Says Study

On the eve of Valentine's Day, a Professor has suggested that anyone struggling with migraines may find that there's something just as good at mitigating their effects as pain-killing drugs - having a good old orgasm.

The new research, provided by Professor Amanda Ellison, posits that sex is no longer off the table if you have a migraine - in fact it should be encouraged.

This is all because it releases serotonin, the 'happy trigger'. Even having a hug could therefore help.

In the case studies provided in the evidence, reported by The Sun, it was discovered that those who suffered from regular migraines suffered from having less serotonin in their body than others, and also wanted sex 20 percent more than people whose headaches are just caused by tension.


However, after getting into bed with their partner, the study showed that the effects of the migraine disappeared instantly.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

In her book Splitting, Professor Ellison of Durham University wrote: "Sex results in an injection of serotonin.

"The case of two male episodic cluster headache sufferers, one who was 61, the other 47, was reported in Israel.


"At the point of orgasm with their respective partners both men reported their headaches suddenly disappeared."

So there you go - it might feel a bit tricky to get into the mood for sex if you've got a pain in your head that's bringing you to nausea, but if you can somehow see through that then a romp between the sheets should sort that right out.

In her book, Ellison also suggested other ways that you could increase your serotonin immediately after sex - including that you could eat chocolate or drink coffee, as the caffeine can also provide you with a handy boost.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

She added that another migraine cure was love hormone oxytocin, adding: "Choose a hugger for a partner. They don't call it neurochemistry for nothing."

Sadly, it seems not everyone is aware of oxytocin as the love hormone.

At the beginning of the month, an online dating app user evidently fully aware of the beneficial powers of oxytocin put in her bio that she was 'looking for an oxy' fix in the hope of finding someone to have fun with. Maybe to fix a migraine, who knows.

However, she went viral after her bio was misunderstood by several people who slid into her DMs offering to fix her up with a different kind of 'oxy' - short for the painkiller oxycodone, which can become addictive.


One user wrote to her: "So you're looking for oxy," to which she replied: "Lol, oxytocin is is naturally produced hormone. It's the love/cuddle chemical our brains produce."

Another, also eager to help, wrote: "So I've only got a morphine hookup. Would that work?"

She replied: "Haha, well seeing as I'm a former opiate addict I'm gonna have to give that a hard pass. Though, I appreciate the gesture."

At least she can sleep safe in the knowledge that whichever type of positive response she might get from her profile, it'll at least fix her migraine.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

Topics: Science, Sex and Relationships, Health

Simon Catling
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