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Madeleine McCann Prime Suspect Speaks Out For First Time

Madeleine McCann Prime Suspect Speaks Out For First Time

Christian Brueckner described the statements made against him by German prosecutors as 'scandalous'

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

The German prisoner suspected of abducting killing Madeleine McCann has spoken out for the first time, reportedly writing a letter branding the accusations against him 'scandalous'.

Christian Brueckner, 44 - who is serving a seven-year sentence for raping an elderly woman at her home in Praia da Luz - has urged prosecutors to resign.

He says the German legal system has made statements against him without ever charging him in connection with the disappearance of the child.


Madeleine McCann went missing from her apartment in 2007 while on holiday in Portugal, days before her fourth birthday. Her parents Kate and Gerry had gone out for tapas with friends while Madeleine and siblings were in bed. When they got back, she had disappeared, and was never seen again.

Brueckner's letter was allegedly received by German tabloid Bild, and it was accompanied by a strange drawing, in which two prosecutors are depicted ordering 'filet forensics' in a restaurant.

In speech bubbles, one of the characters in the drawing says: "I'll take the filet forensics."

Another one is shown to say: "Yummy, me too."


Brueckner, who is in a prison in Oldenburg, near Bremen, wrote: "Charging an accused is one thing.

"Something completely different - namely, it is an unbelievable scandal - when a public prosecutor starts a public campaign for prejudice before a court case is opened.

"Freedom of expression is not a basic right so that everyone can say and write what they want. Freedom of expression does not protect the majority.

"It protects the minority. It does not protect the most logical, most convincing or most popular views, but rather the outsider position.

"I call on the Brunswick public prosecutors (Hans Christian) Wolters and (Ute) Lindemann to resign from their offices.


"Both are proving worldwide through my arbitrary condemnation in the past and through their scandalous pre-denial campaign in the present against me as an innocent person that they are not suitable for an office as a lawyer for the honest and trusting German people and you bring shame onto the judiciary."

Initially, German investigators thought Brueckner had returned Maddie to his homeland after abducting her from Praia da Luz 14 years ago.

But, prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters now says police believe Maddie - who would now have been 18 years old - was killed in Portugal.

Wolters says that Brueckner will be convicted of Maddie's abduction and killing by 'concrete evidence', but has so far refused to provide any details as to what that evidence is.

When pressed for his thoughts on where Maddie was killed, Wolters said: "In Portugal. I am optimistic we will solve this case."

LADbible has contacted the Brunswick Public Prosecutor's Office in Germany for comment.

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