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Man Breaks World Record By Drinking Litre Of Lemon Juice In 17 Seconds

Man Breaks World Record By Drinking Litre Of Lemon Juice In 17 Seconds


Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A man in the US has set a new world record, having guzzled a litre of lemon juice in under 17 seconds.

David Rush, from Idaho, necked it in 16.53 seconds, just beating the previous record of 17.12 seconds held by Andre Ortolf.

The feat is made more impressive still by the fact that David didn't practise for the record attempt - though I suppose that's understandable.

Writing about his preparation on his website, he said: "I never actually practised for this record with lemon juice. In fact, I only ever sucked down a full litre of water in practice twice. I did, however, practise dozens of times for the fastest time to drink a half-litre of water through a straw.

"The difference between a half a litre of liquid being added to the stomach in seconds and a litre is kind of like the difference between getting punched in the gut by my four-year-old or by Manny Pacquiao.

"I was pretty confident I could drink the liquid fast enough. I just wasn't going to like how it felt. The big question is if I would gag from the sour lemon juice and be unable to swallow."

As you can see from the video though, David was able to keep it down - as his stomach no doubt desperately tried to come to terms with what had just happened.

As David put it: "My stomach was rapidly stretched and was so uncomfortable, I didn't want to move. It took several minutes of standing before I could feel safe moving without risking losing the contents of my stomach.

"Guinness didn't specify any length of time the lemon juice needed to remain in the stomach, but I feel like it's in the spirit of the rules that it's supposed to stay down."

David managed to keep it down.

Few world records are ever broken without a bit of suffering though, as David of all people should know.

Between the ages of 30 and 35, he went from holding no world records to holding no less than 150. These records include both the fastest and slowest juggling records. and the most time spent balancing a chainsaw on the chin (10 mins and 0.78 seconds).

David devotes so much time and effort to these record attempts to 'promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education' and espouses 'the power of having a growth mindset'.

Fair dos David.

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