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Man Fined For Walking 280 Miles After Arguing With His Wife

Man Fined For Walking 280 Miles After Arguing With His Wife

His wife had reported him missing a week earlier after the pair had a row

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A man has been fined €400 (£360) for breaking curfew rules in Italy after walking 280 miles from home following a row with his wife.

The unnamed man, from Como, hiked 40 miles a day with no water, telling police he was trying to calm down after having a row with his partner.

Officers picked up the 48-year-old at 2am in Fano, a small town all the way down on the Adriatic coast.

At first, they didn't believe that he had walked almost half the length of the country, but after speaking with his wife, they discovered she had reported him missing a week earlier.

According to reports in Italy, the man was extremely fatigued and told the authorities he just didn't realise how far he was walking at the time and he had only intended to go and clear his head.

Italian publication Il Resto del Carlino reports that he said of the hike: "I got here by foot. I ate and drank because the people I met along the way offered me water and food. I'm fine."

The man was picked up in the middle of the night by police in Fano.

And in a bizarre turn of events, the man was then put up in a local hotel for the night, Hotel Augustus, where he and his family had previously stayed during a holiday to Fano.

But I imagine there's going to be a few more cross words between the couple, as when the man's wife came to pick him up, she was slapped with the €400 issued to him for violating the country's 10pm to 5am curfew.

Let's just hope she doesn't go for a 200-mile stroll, too.

Last month, a salon owner in Oakenshaw, near Bradford, was fined £27,000 ($36,000) for flouting the country's national lockdown rules, citing the Magna Carta as her defence.

Sinead Quinn, who owns Quinn Blakey Hairdressers, was initially hit with £1,000 and £2,000 notices for defying government orders to close on 5 November.

A salon owner was recently fined for flouting the lockdown rules in England.

The salon was then slapped with another £4,000 penalty on 21 November for doing the same.

And then council officers visited her shop twice again and issued two more fines of £10,000 each after she was found to still be trading.

During earlier visits by the local authorities, Ms Quinn said she 'did not consent' to the rules being imposed on the country.

Ms Quinn had recently taken to social media to post videos of her refusing to comply with the council officers, and claiming that police were 'stalking' her.

In one video of her speaking to a council employee, she cited 'common law' as her defence.

She had also previously placed a sign in the window that claimed provisions within the Magna Carta - written in 1215 - allowed her to stay open.

The passage she cited, Clause 61, offered 25 barons the right to lawfully rebel if they thought they were being governed unjustly by the king at the time, however, it was later omitted from later versions and was never enshrined in English law.

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