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​Man Handles Helicopter Crash In Calmest Way Possible

​Man Handles Helicopter Crash In Calmest Way Possible

“Sorry about that, boys.”

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A man has stunned internet users with his incredibly calm approach to a helicopter crash, gently easing the aircraft to the ground before turning to his companions and saying: "Sorry about that, boys."

The video was posted on YouTube by a user called Jody Fahrig, who named the clip 'Texas Hog Hunt Helicopter Crash'.

According to the video description, the crash took place in Albany, Texas, on 9 January this year.

In the footage, the flight seems to be going smoothly until we see the helicopter start veering to the left, a loud beeping noise suggesting something's not right.

The aircraft then begins to rapidly hurtle to the ground, eventually crashing into the dry grass below.

The person filming appears to be sat in the passenger seat, at one point reaching their hands out to brace for impact as the helicopter crashes to the ground.

Remarkably, the helicopter remains upright as they reach the floor, as a voice can be heard asking: "Everybody okay?"

YouTube/Jody Fahrig

Everyone in the helicopter replies to say they're fine, before the pilot then says casually: "Sorry about that, boys."

After a few moments to settle, the group then clamber out of the helicopter, with a voice heard saying: "Well, damn!"

According to the Aviation Safety Network, the incident involved a Robinson R44 helicopter, which was 'substantially damaged' in the accident.

"The pilot and two passengers were not injured," the post says.

"The helicopter was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91 hog hunting flight.

"The pilot reported that it was the third flight of the day and the helicopter took off uneventfully. About 120 ft above the ground, the engine sputtered temporarily before it lost complete power.

YouTube/Jody Fahrig

"The pilot performed an autorotation to a field. During the descent, the helicopter impacted trees and landed hard right skid low. Subsequently, the main rotor blade contacted, and separated, the tail boom."

Many people commented on the YouTube video to say how impressed they were with the landing, and the pilot's 'totally calm and collected' approach.

One user wrote: "That's not a crash. That's a perfect landing in a full-down engine failure. 10/10 for that pilot, right there."

Someone else wrote: "I am a flight instructor. That was an OUTSTANDING job of auto-rotation. As I watching I was thinking what I would do. I did not like the highway because it had a bank that would surely be more destructive at impact.

"Then he also turned left to avoid the road. Notice at the last seconds he had the conscious of mind to make a slight correction to avoid the tree. OUTSTANDING!!!!"

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Jody Fahrig

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