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Man Reveals Why You Should Never Buy Medium Popcorn

Anish Vij

| Last updated 

Man Reveals Why You Should Never Buy Medium Popcorn

A TikToker has gone behind-the-scenes of a cinema to showcase some hidden secrets including why you should never buy medium-sized popcorn. Watch him explain below:


In the clip, Max Klymenko reveals seven 'cinema secrets' for his 2.3 million followers.

He says the reason 'you're not supposed to pick' medium popcorn is because it's a 'marketing trick' to drive sales to a large one, which is called 'decoy pricing'.

Max says in the video: "In most cinemas you've got three size options - small, medium and large.

"In reality this is a marketing trick because the medium popcorn is just driving sales to the large one, this is called decoy pricing."

The Decoy Effect is when a third option is designed to push consumers to pick a more expensive choice.

So if the large popcorn is just 50p more than the medium, cinemagoers are likely to opt for the large - nudging more people towards the more expensive option where they might otherwise have opted for a small.

Credit: TikTok/@maxklymenko
Credit: TikTok/@maxklymenko

He also points out how popcorn in movie theatres aren't made in a microwave, rather, a large container that heats them up and pops them out.

Max also mentions the constant war between Pepsi and Coke, as they're said to compete for inclusion in each cinema.

He adds: "You'll never see them together, because they are massive enemies and always competing."

Also, apparently, there's a reason why you might find the taste of a cinema Pepsi or Coke, different from the usual.

Max says: "The Pepsi that you drink from cinemas, actually doesn't come from Pepsi bottles.

"They make it on the spot, so take the water, then you pump gas into it, then you take this Pepsi syrup that is brought by Pepsi to every cinema.

"You squeeze [the syrup out of the packet] into the gassed water [mix] and drink."

Credit: TikTok/@maxklymenko
Credit: TikTok/@maxklymenko

Mind blown.

Perhaps less surprisingly, the TikToker says for an action film, 'the best seats to watch a film are in the middle [of the seating area] not at the back' to get the best sound.

Next, he says that 'there is no human in the projection room', as one might have imagined.

Finally, he claims the reason cinema screens are so expensive is because there is a 'thin layer of silver' behind the screen, which 'is used to reflect the light properly against the projector'.

According to Sound and Vision, while most cinema screens are coated with magnesium carbonate, silver is sometimes used on cinema screens to show 3D films.

The TikTok was posted two days ago (11 September) and has already racked up 3.7 million views and 630,000 likes.

One user wrote: "This is actually hella interesting."

To which, Max responded: "Thank you! Was really hard to get the cinema to show me around."

I can imagine.

Another user argues: "Well my cinema does free refills for large popcorns and drinks so yeah that's worth it."

To be fair mate, with the prices some cinema chains charge for a large popcorn, then I would sure hope they'd do a refill.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@maxklymenko

Topics: TV and Film, TikTok

Anish Vij
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