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Oldest Living Couple In The World Celebrate 80th Wedding Anniversary

Oldest Living Couple In The World Celebrate 80th Wedding Anniversary

John and Charlotte, aged 106 and 105 respectively, marked 80 years of marital bliss at the weekend, surrounded by their loved ones

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A husband and wife who are known as the oldest living couple in the world have just celebrated their wedding anniversary in Austin, Texas - marking an impressive 80 years together.

John Henderson, 106, and his wife Charlotte, 105, honoured the occasion on Sunday with a party at the assisted living community where they live, joined by family and friends.

Clearly still a huge romantic, John picked Charlotte up in a 1920s Roadster - just as he did on their very first date together - and handed her a bouquet of flowers.

Their loved ones gathered at Longhorn Village Retirement Community and toasted their marital milestone, which the pair decided to commemorate a few days early, playing a slideshow of photographs from their eight decades together.

While the couple have no children of their own, they have a loving extended family, who were ready to help them celebrate.

Jason Free helped his great uncle and great aunt told KXAN: "They are a wonderful couple, and an example of a very happy couple - glad to be around each other, travel together, and live life.

"They'll tell you stories of the past, but they don't dwell on the past."

Free was also the person who helped his relatives become officially recognised as the world's oldest living couple by Guinness World Records, currently with a combined age of 211.

At the time he wrote on Facebook: "Congratulations to my Great Uncle and Great Aunt for setting the new all-time World Record for Oldest Couple of Aggregate Age! Guinness World Records announced the new record this morning."

He added: "This year they will celebrate 80! Way to go Uncle John and Aunt Charlotte!"

They met back in 1934 while studying at the University of Texas, where John was guard for the football team and Charlotte was taking classes to become a teacher.

They married five years later on 22 December 1939, just months after the start of World War II.

An amazing 80 years on, the couple are still living their happily ever after, with John saying that the secret to their success is all about being kind and loving to your other half.

He said: "Live life in moderation and be cordial to your spouse."

Jim Bissett, a fellow resident at the home, told KXAN: "They're just gracious, nice, kind people.

"They're the salt of the earth."

Congratulations, guys!

Featured Image Credit: Guinness