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Passengers Thought They Were Going To Die As Plane Had Mid-Air Issue

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Passengers Thought They Were Going To Die As Plane Had Mid-Air Issue

The idea of getting into a small, contained space which hurtles through the air at hundreds of miles an hour and works on some kind of magic is the stuff of nightmares for some people. For everyone else, it's just travelling on a plane.

While there is always the chance of a something bad happening, thankfully those incidents are few and far between. But a recent Qantas flight from Perth to Sydney had passengers so scared that they thought they were going to die.


The Airbus A330 suffered an issue with its air conditioning system, which can affect it's ability to maintain cabin pressure. As a result, the plane had to divert to Melbourne, but suddenly air masks dropped from above and people started panicking - as you would.


Ray Chant said he grabbed his phone and tried to send goodbye messages to his friends and family.

"I just thought how can I record this and say my last goodbyes?" he told 7 News.

Another flyer, Nick Scerri, told the Daily Mail: "People were being openly hysterical because the pilots were being so tight lipped about the situation.

"I tried to keep a poker face but the lack of information had us all looking at each other, we genuinely thought we were going to die.


"An elderly lady fainted and there was a doctor on board who administered first aid and got her an oxygen tank."


He says while plenty of adults onboard were very shaken up by the whole ordeal, most of the kids were terrified. Thankfully, the crew kept their composure, the flight landed without an issue and everyone got off safely.

A Qantas spokesperson released a statement saying: "Following standard procedure, the crew descended to 10,000 feet and were able to restart the system and diverted to Melbourne.


"The crew did not declare an emergency. It was a request for priority handling by air traffic control on arrival into Melbourne as a precaution.

"We thank the crew for their professionalism and passengers for their patience and understanding through this issue."

Engineers jumped into the plane once it landed in Tullamarine to have a look through it and establish what might have caused the scare. If you were afraid of flying and happened to be on that particular flight, no one would blame you for having a very negative view on air travel for the rest of your days.

Featured Image Credit: Ray Chant/7 News

Topics: Australia News, News, Sydney, Australia

Stewart Perrie
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