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Viral Optical Illusion Is Confusing TikTok Users

Viral Optical Illusion Is Confusing TikTok Users

The light green arch at the top appears to be smaller than the darker green arch below it

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

An optical illusion on TikTok has gone viral, leaving many people stumped as to how it works.

A TikTok user called Kevin, who shares content to his 34,000 followers under the handle @kevkevkiwi, posted a video of a strange trick involving two arch shapes.

The light green arch at the top appears to be smaller than the darker green arch below it, but when Kevin places a white arch over both, it turns out that they are in fact the same shape.

Many people commented on the video - which has more than 632,000 views - simply asking 'How?' and 'Wtf?'.

Someone else said: "Whaaaaat?"

Another shared four mind-blown emojis.

In a follow-up video, Kevin confirmed the trick was not fake.

While some people speculated that the trick was fake ("Who also saw the cord the little one next to his arm that was tied to the paper part?"), others took a moment to try and work out what was happening a little more logically, with one suggesting: "They're just the same length, right?"

Another added: "I know how to do it, [it] is logical that both are the same size."

If you look again, you'll notice that the dark green arch is sitting slightly to the right, which is why it appears to jut out from under the other - giving the impression that it is longer.

In another video, Kevin confirmed that the illusion 'is not fake', while a third explained it is also known as the 'Jastrow Illusion', which is attributed to Polish-American psychologist Joseph Jastrow.

Not too long ago another optical illusion got everyone on the internet scratching their heads.

In a video posted to Instagram, a young woman can be seen leaping from a rope swing before eventually crashing into a river.

Sharing the clip, an Instagram account with the handle @mykashaee - who appears to be the woman's sister - wrote: "2020 hit me hard like.... Happy Monday, friends! I hope my sister makes y'all laugh as hard as I did watching this - On repeat."

Since the video was posted, it's left people asking themselves what they had just witnessed, with one commenting: "What just happened?"

A second put: "What the f*** happened?"

While another added: "I'm so confused!!"

Now, it's unlikely that she collided with some portal to another dimension or that it's a glitch in the matrix. Instead, it appears that the unlucky thrillseeker got her leg caught in a piece of rope hanging down from the swing, causing her to go head first into the river.

As with all optical illusions, the real answer isn't quite so exciting, is it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kevkevkiwi

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