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Police Smash Car Window, Only To Discover 'Abandoned Baby' Is A Doll

Police Smash Car Window, Only To Discover 'Abandoned Baby' Is A Doll

"I know the dolls are realistic but I didn’t think anything like this would ever happen."



A dramatic scene turned into an embarrassing one after police officers smashed through a woman's car window to rescue an abandoned baby... only to discover it was actually a doll.

Officers from Cleveland Police in the UK were called to the scene after reports that a baby had been left alone inside a vehicle.

However, it turns out the 'child' in this case was actually a realistic 'reborn' doll belonging to Amy McQuillen's daughter Darci, who had been gifted the toy for Christmas.


Amy, 36, explained how she had gone out shopping with Darci, 10, when the youngster had grown tired of carrying the doll around the stores.

But when they returned to their car, they were shocked to discover two police officers smashing through their window along with a crowd watching the scene unfold.

The cops reportedly said they were investigating a report of child neglect, to which Amy said: "I've got my daughter with me."

Speaking to The Sun, Amy said: "They then said a newborn baby had been left in the car so I said: 'It's a doll!'

"I couldn't believe it. I know the dolls are realistic but I didn't think anything like this would ever happen."

The healthcare assistant from Thornaby said they had gone to Asda so that her daughter could buy clothes and nappies for the £60 Christmas gift.

What she hadn't realised is that Darci had placed the doll in the booster seat and put the belt around it.

"Even if I had I wouldn't have thought anything of it... she was just playing," she told the publication.

"The officers later explained that someone had called them to say they had seen the baby moving, but then it had stopped moving and they couldn't see it breathing.

"I've no idea what that was all about as it's a doll.


"I do understand that the police have got to act when they get a call like this - as a mother I'd be angry if they didn't.

"But it was humiliating for me in front of lots of people, and I was left with a broken window and upset daughter.

"The officers were apologetic once it was all cleared up and they went to check my daughter was OK."

Cleveland Police have agreed to pay the £264 bill to repair Amy's window, and a spokesperson added: "On this occasion it was not what it seemed but it was reported with the best intentions.

"Officers would always rather establish a crime has not occurred than miss an opportunity to safeguard a child."

Words: Daisy Phillipson

Featured Image Credit: Backgrid

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