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Russian 'Popeye' Says It's 'Sale Time' For Flesh Removed During Surgery

Russian 'Popeye' Says It's 'Sale Time' For Flesh Removed During Surgery

He told his followers it was 'sale time' for the pieces of extracted jelly and dead tissue

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Warning: The video in this article contains graphic content which some readers may find distressing

The Russian bodybuilder known as 'Popeye' who had to have rotting lumps of 'jelly and dead muscle' removed from his arms after years of pumping them up with a synthetic oil is recovering well and has said it's 'sale time' for the extracted chunks of flesh. Delightful.

Twenty-three-year-old Kirill Tereshin had to undergo surgery on his ridiculously massive biceps after he was left in agony and unable to move his arms.

Kirill, who has been dubbed Popeye for obvious reasons, has shared a post-surgery video on social media, holding what he claims are lumps of the removed flesh.

Showing off the gross extractions, he said: "These are my treasures. Get yourself a piece, it's 'sale' time."

He added: "It feels very weird, very unusual. My arm feels lighter. Now I am going through a rehab, soon we will proceed with the next surgery."

He also told his followers he was feeling much better after the two-hour surgery, which resulted in around three pounds of the jelly-like substance and rotten muscle being removed.

Although three pounds sounds a lot, its actually only about a quarter of the total Kirill needs taking out.

The Russian was left in severe pain due to his pumped up biceps.

He is set to undergo three more surgeries before his arms are back to normal.

In a video filmed following the operation, Kirill can be seen asking surgeon Dmitry Melnikov: "How many muscles have I lost?"

To which Melnikov, who works at Sechenov Moscow State Medical University, explained: "We cannot choose in your case, I tried to explain this to you.

"Because the problem is that this is the petroleum jelly. You injected this so thoroughly, that it spread in the muscle and killed it.

"It was dead anyway."

He went on to say the team had done '25 percent of the repairs'.

In case you needed a reminder about the dangers of injecting Vaseline into your body, Melnikov added: "Petroleum jelly saturates the muscles, under skin tissues and the skin itself.


"All that has to be removed, but we need to keep the vein, nerves, and other functions of the limb.

"Petroleum jelly is not designed for injection, only external application.

"Kirill injected about three litres into each arm. It saturated the muscle tissues, blocked blood flow.

"As a result, the tissue dies and gets replaced with a scar which is as tough as a tree, you can even knock on it and hear the usual sound."

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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