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Suspected Drug Smugglers Found Floating On Packages Of Cocaine

Suspected Drug Smugglers Found Floating On Packages Of Cocaine

Three suspected drug traffickers were discovered allegedly using packages of cocaine to stay afloat after their boat sunk off the coast of Colombia.


The strange scenes were filmed by rescuers after members of the Colombian Navy spotted three men in Pacific Ocean, 30 nautical miles off the coast of Tumaco in the Narino Department of western Colombia.

In the video footage, you can see the men in the water - surrounded by packages of what was allegedly cocaine, according to local media reports.

The rescuers threw one of the men a life ring as the others used the packages to stay afloat.

Local media said their boat is believed to have sunk after being hit by a big wave.

Credit: CEN
Credit: CEN

All three were rescued and given medical attention, having reportedly been floating for at least three hours.

A fourth person is said to have also been on board the boat but was not rescued in the operation, meaning the Navy is containing to search for them.

Authorities have confirmed the packages contained 1.2 tonnes of cocaine, and said that the three men were arrested and placed at the disposition of the corresponding authorities to be 'prosecuted for trafficking, fabrication and handling of narcotics'.

The Colombian Navy has reportedly seized a total of 163 tonnes of cocaine so far this year.

Meanwhile, police in Australia managed to complete a drugs bust of their own - with the help of a huge seal, no less.

Western Australia Police confirmed they had arrested 34-year-old British national Graham Palmer and 51-year-old Frenchman Antoine Dicenta after finding them with 40 bags of cocaine, ecstasy and meth.

The duo had been trying to flee from an island when they heard planes overheard, in turn waking up a 'huge seal'.

Geraldton Volunteer Marine Rescue vice-commander Damien Healy told ABC Radio: "When they got on the island, the guys made a run for their tender [drugs] and there was this big, huge seal asleep between them and the tender.

"They woke it up and it jumped up with its big chest out and bellowed at them.

"The guys basically had the choice of going through the seal or getting arrested - and they ended up choosing getting arrested."

WA Police Force Commissioner Chris Dawson said: "The fishing community of Geraldton played a significant role in this detection and seizure and maintained regular contact with police as this matter unfolded.

"These people have helped protect Western Australia's borders on this occasion and we are grateful for their efforts."

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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