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​This Woman Has 2 Million People Trying To Guess What She Does For A Living

Anish Vij

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​This Woman Has 2 Million People Trying To Guess What She Does For A Living

A woman on TikTok has got her 2 million followers guessing what she does for a living. Watch below as she tries to convince her followers she's a baseball player, hairdresser and farmer in three of her videos:


Natalie Rose, 25, likes to keep her followers guessing as they can't figure out what her career is.

One minute she works at an ice cream parlour, next she's fishing and sometimes goes for a round or two of golf.


The trend began where she posted a clip of her and a colleague dancing to the Black Eyed Peas' 'My Humps' in what looked to some viewers to be nurses' scrubs.

Someone wrote critically in the comments: "Remember when you're a nurse and you're suppose [sic] to be taking care of people but instead you're on TikTok."

Natalie responded with a video where she dances to the same song, but this time with a sign reading: "I'm not a nurse."

She wrote in the caption of the video: "Let's guess what I do for a living."


And her followers didn't disappoint.

Now people habitually write 'she clearly works at [job title]' in the comments section of her videos.

For example, a user would write: 'she's clearly a police officer' or 'she's clearly a firefighter,' and then Rose would do a video 'acting' out the role.

Credit: TikTok/@nnapples
Credit: TikTok/@nnapples

Coincidently, her police officer and firefighter videos have been played over 23 million times each.

The 25-year-old is from Portland, US and regularly gets millions of views per video.

As expected, some of the suggestions she gets from her followers are a bit difficult to recreate.

One user wrote: "Guys she clearly works at SpaceX."


I doubt Elon Musk would let her travel on his rocket to be honest.

While a second user added: "She's clearly a skydiver."

It could be possible, but let's see if she has the bottle for that one. I know I don't.

A final user wrote: "No guy's she's obviously a race car driver."


You never know?

Her TikTok fame, however, only came about after the pandemic because her previous role, at a community theatre in Utah, was cancelled due to Covid.

Credit: TikTok/@nnapples
Credit: TikTok/@nnapples

She told KOIN: "I started TikTok just to make some videos. I didn't care about the algorithm.

"I didn't care about followers, views, or likes."

More than a year later, Rose has 2 million followers and 50.9 million likes on TikTok.

She added: "Now many companies are in contact with me, but at the beginning of this, it was me inserting myself into people's lives.

"People really liked it, and I tried to keep it simple."

Rose is enjoying the online attention and says she is grateful for the opportunity to have made videos during the pandemic.

She concluded: "I've always said I'm very grateful from the beginning of this.

"I don't take it for granted, and I just feel humble in the whole experience."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/nnapples_

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Anish Vij
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