​Tourists In Bali Are Having To Do Push-Ups For Not Wearing Face Masks

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​Tourists In Bali Are Having To Do Push-Ups For Not Wearing Face Masks

People caught not wearing a face mask in Bali, Indonesia, are being forced to do up to 50 press-ups in the street as a punishment, with authorities hoping the unusual tactic will help boost 'respect' for health protocols.


Viral footage and photos show various tourists dropping to the floor after being stopped by officers.

While one video shows someone being told to do 25 press-ups, according to Insider, some people are made to do 50 if they're not wearing a mask, and 15 if they're wearing one but it's not covering their nose.


It became mandatory to wear a face mask in public in Bali last August, but not everyone has been following orders.

Badung Regency's Public Order Agency Chief Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara told AFP that 90 percent of the people caught ignoring the rules are foreign tourists.

"Respect for the wearing of a mask by foreign tourists is very low," Suryanegara said.

"First they say they are not aware of this regulation," he adds.


"Then they say they forgot it, their mask was wet or damaged."

Foreign arrivals have been banned in Bali since April, but visitors are reportedly allowed from other Indonesian islands.

Speaking to ABC, a local called Kadek Astika said people breaching health protocols during a pandemic showed how outsiders like tourists often do not respect local culture.

Credit: Satpol PP Badung
Credit: Satpol PP Badung

Astika, who operates a couple of villas in Kerobokan, in Badung regency, said: "Even before the pandemic we have already seen many foreign tourists, particularly the young ones not following the rules, such as riding bikes without helmets or getting drunk and then involved in brawls on the streets."

She continued: "Some of them also violated our traditions and values by disrespecting sacred sites with their behaviour when visiting temples."

However, Astika said it wasn't just foreigners or local tourists ignoring the health orders, adding: "Our pecalang [traditional Balinese security forces] has been tirelessly trying to discipline local people too."

Suryanegara said foreigners who had been caught appeared to underestimate the strength of health protocols in the area.


According to ABC, he said those who had been fined were 'naughty', while those who committed minor mistakes - such as bringing their mask but not wearing it - were asked to do push-ups or sweep the street.

"We didn't fine those who had admitted their mistakes... we didn't just fine people randomly because they didn't wear masks," he explained.

Featured Image Credit: Satpol PP Badung

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