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​Twitch Streamer Helps Woman Being Followed By Stranger In Tokyo

​Twitch Streamer Helps Woman Being Followed By Stranger In Tokyo

He initially assumed they were a couple, but grew worried when he noticed the woman looking over at him with a ‘distressed’ expression

A Twitch streamer managed to help a woman being followed by a stranger in Tokyo thanks to some quick thinking, having immediately pretended he knew her as she walked past.

Aussie streamer Rob Dee (robcdee) was in the middle of a live stream outside a kebab shop on 10 February when he noticed a woman and a man approaching.

Assuming the two were a couple, he initially thought nothing of it, but grew worried when he noticed the woman looking over at him with a 'distressed' expression on her face.

Addressing the male stranger who wouldn't leave her alone, she then said she was here with her 'friend', and began walking over towards Rob - who quickly played along.

Rob was in the middle of a live stream when he noticed the woman looking 'distressed'.

Rob, a 29-year-old 'IT guy' living in Tokyo, explained: "I was streaming outside the kebab shop in Tokyo, explaining my equipment.

"I noticed a girl (and a guy I thought to be her partner) walking past. She looked at me somewhat distressed, then I heard her say, 'Sorry, I'm here with my friend'. I didn't know her at all so, I thought it was strange, but I decided to play along since she looked troubled.

"I realised she was looking for an escape from this guy, so I introduced myself to him and tried to end the conversation quickly without drama.

"After he left, she mentioned to me that she felt in danger as she is a tourist here in Japan, so she was grateful for my help."

The Twitch clip was shared by many impressed social media users on Twitter, where it went viral several times - with one tweet racking up more than 250,000 likes and another in excess of 75,000.

Speaking to LADbible, Rob said he felt surprised by how popular the clip has been, saying he feels he just did what anyone should do.

Rib quickly played along when the woman pretended to know him.

"Honestly I feel like I did what anyone else would do in this situation, so the way the clip was viewed by a large number of people is pretty surprising to me," he said, urging others to do the same if they find themselves in the same scenario.

"Just play along in those situations! Even if they mistake you for a friend - it would still make for a memorable and funny time."

As for what happened to the mystery woman, Rob added: "We hung out until the trains started running again, but didn't really keep in touch after that. As far as I know she has returned to Morocco by now."

Despite his humble response, many people praised Rob for acting fast to help with anonymous woman, with some saying he 'deserves a medal' for doing such an 'amazing job'.

One person commented: "Respect to this guy."

Another said: "This man did amazing job."

A third added: "This is something that happens too much and I wish there were more men like this guy."

Many others also shared stories of similar situations they had found themselves in, highlighting just how important it can be to help out strangers in need when you are able to.

The full clip is available to watch on Rob's Twitch channel here.

Featured Image Credit: ViralHog

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