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One Emoji Had A Huge Surge In Use On Tinder This Year

One Emoji Had A Huge Surge In Use On Tinder This Year

With 2021 coming to an end, Tinder is looking back at the year of dating particularly with Gen Z members

Dating can be a tricky old game, can't it? Thankfully, it can be made a little easier with the use of apps such as Tinder because, let's face it, people would prefer to get ignored after sending a message than being rejected IRL at a bar.

While millions of messages have been swapped between matches all around the world, the dating app has recently revealed that there is an emoji that has been used more than others.

Tinder's Year in Swipe 2021 has taken data from 1 January to 30 November and looks at Gen Z users (18-25) which is the app's largest user group.

And it turns out that the rising star emoji came in the form of the side-eye, which saw a whopping 40 percent increase in bios globally in 2021.


While Covid-19 continued to cause problems for us this year, video calls became a hit with people opting to use them for a 'first date' and the use of 'video call' rising by 52 percent.

On top of this, there was a 376 percent increase in mentions of 'Winter Wonderland' in bios and the most popular first date activities in the UK included: pub garden, picnic, hike to a waterfall and night out on the town.

The top 10 things that seemed to be of interest in bios included music, travel, grabbing drinks, Netflix, nightlife, movies, pubs, working out, loving dogs and sports.

It seems as if Tinder users are also wanting to mark their coronavirus vaccination status with a rise in mentions of 'vaxxed' between March and September.

Michele Ursi/Alamy Stock Photo

With this, vaccination badges were introduced on the dating app after Gen Z users made it pretty clear that they feel safer meeting others that have been vaccinated.

Research from Streetbees shows that 53 percent of singletons dating in the UK believe that they have the right to know whether the person they date has been vaccinated or not.

Tugce Bulut, CEO and Founder of Streetbees, said: "We are in the incredibly fortunate position of having a unique insight into the lives of so many people.

"There's no doubt that singletons were isolated and were thrown into a sometimes very harsh reality of loneliness. We've heard funny anecdotes, and I was moved by the sadness of some stories.

"But overwhelmingly what we learn is that the needs and wants of people, even in this highly digital age, are still fundamentally to be in the physical company of others."

BRB, just changing my bio.

Featured Image Credit: Geoff Smith/Alamy Stock Photo

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