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Obama's Photographer Is Trolling Trump Again And It's Hilarious

Obama's Photographer Is Trolling Trump Again And It's Hilarious

Souza throwing shade.

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

Donald Trump's press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel was pretty weird to watch. It was uncomfortable on so many levels. It was more uncomfortable and awkward than when you meet your ex at the supermarket on Sunday morning and you're wearing sweatpants and haven't washed your hair.

But these two are the leaders of their country, not embarrassed teenagers, and this was the first time they met. And it was painful to watch.

Credit: YouTube

Trump ignored Merkel's request for a handshake (bit rude), repeated his allegations that President Barack Obama wiretapped his phones and told Merkel "we have that in common." She looked at him to check that he was for real, and then he called a German newspaper "fake news" after a reporter asked him a question. He also found it difficult to bring himself to look at the German chancellor.

What was going on there?!

Twitter wasn't particularly impressed.

So naturally, Peter Souza, Barack Obama's photographer and prime Instagram shade-thrower decided to take this moment troll Trump.

At this point, he's the king of the sophisticated piss-take. Souza didn't Photoshop this beauty, but it is taken from his photo of the former President and so he put it on his Instagram.

I'm pretty sure this is exactly how the alleged "wire-tapping" went down.

Credit: Instagram

So after the disastrous press conference, Souza decided to highlight the difference between the Merkel/Trump relationship and the Merkel/Obama friendship. He posted some images of Merkel and Obama back in the day, who got along just a little bit better than Trump and Merkel appear to. In fact, they kind of look like they're besties.

Credit: Instagram

Certainly the first time that Merkel met Obama, it went down much better. Trump may have refused to look at her, or even shake her hand, but Obama met her with a kiss on the cheek. I guess Obama is just more of a professional politician.

Credit: Instagram

Souza also took the best photo of Merkel and Obama ever:

Credit: Pete Souza

It's like something out of The Sound of Music. It's one of the most iconic photos from Obama's presidency - of which there are many. But it's hard to imagine Trump being as friendly as this with any other foreign politician. Unless it's Putin, I suppose...

Featured Image Credit: YouTube