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Rishi Sunak leaves people thinking 'he's never seen a hammer' with very strange technique

Rishi Sunak leaves people thinking 'he's never seen a hammer' with very strange technique

The Prime Minister's technique left a lot to be desired for some people.

Rishi Sunak has never claimed to be Bob the Builder, but you might have thought the man running the country has picked up a hammer in his time.

People have been left questioning whether the Prime Minister, 43, has ever seen the tool in his life after he used quite a bizarre technique.

Take a look here:

While meeting small business owners in Farsley, West Yorkshire on Thursday (23 November), he got stuck in with jewellery making whizz, Emma White.

As he tried to make his DIY trinket, Mr Sunak instead teetered closely to making himself a meme.

The Tory leader was instructed to use a small hammer sideways to bash something into place - under the supervision of an expert, of course.

But his tapping technique failed to impress onlookers and social media users alike when footage of the moment ended up online.

Mr Sunak was encouraged to give it some welly by jewellery maker Emma, who said: "More! Now come on, Rishi!"

Mr Sunak's hammer technique left a lot to be desired for some Brits.

The online jokes have already started rolling in and rival politicians have already taken advantage of his lacklustre DIY display.

Labour posted a video jeering at the PM with the caption: "Man who hammers working people can't use a hammer."

In comparison, Keir Starmer is a bloke who knows how to hammer a few nails home as his dad was in fact a toolmaker.

To make light of the Labour leader's frequent references about his parents background, the video was also accompanied by the message: "Rishi Sunak: not the son of a toolmaker."

Nadine Dorries also made it clear she wouldn't be asking the PM round to hang up any picture frames anytime soon.

The former Conservative minister said: "Nooooo way!! What is he doing? Is this the first PM ever who has never seen a hammer, or paid for petrol, or filled up his own car?"

The PM was ribbed online for his bizarre technique with the tool.

Social media users also shared their critiques of him appearing to use the hammer incorrectly.

One wrote: "Rough N' Ready Rishi: Tell me you've never seen a hammer before - without telling me you've never seen a hammer before. UK PM Rishi Sunak, once again, definitely not nailing it."

Another said: "Of course, being able to use a hammer is not essential to be a Prime Minister, but this clip of Rishi Sunak does explain a lot."

A third added: "The country is safe in the hands of someone who doesn't know how a hammer works."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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