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This is what became of Come Dine With Me's most iconic contestant

This is what became of Come Dine With Me's most iconic contestant

Ever wondered what happened to the 'dear lord, what a sad little life, Jane' guy? Now you can.

When it comes to Come Dine With Me contestants, there have been some absolute icons over the years, but one man takes the top spot.

It might not be the guy you're thinking of, the one who stuck a whole whisk in his mouth, though he's now making a pretty good living by cashing in on Cameo.

No, this is Peter Marsh, who you probably know as the guy who unleashed one hell of a rant after failing to win during his time on the show and unleashed the legendary 'dear lord, what a sad little life, Jane' line.

If you've somehow made it this far without ever encountering the video in your life then you are in for an absolute treat of awkwardness in one of British telly's greatest ever moments.

After discovering he's lost and rival Jane has won, he launches into a legendary tirade made most famous by the line 'what a sad little life, Jane'.

He accused her of ruining his night on the show and thus scuppering his chance to win Come Dine With Me's prize of £1,000, telling her she had 'all the grace of a reversing dump truck without any tyres on'.

Peter suggested she spend the Come Dine With Me prize money on 'getting some lessons in grace and decorum'.

He ended the rant by firing a The Office-esque look straight at the camera before telling Jane to 'take your money and get off my property', leaving the other three contestants awkwardly sitting on the sofa.

Peter had to tell fellow contestants Jane, Charlotte and Adam the results.
Channel 4

The cherry on this particular cake is the zoom in on fellow contestant and Louis Theroux lookalike Adam, who ended up getting stuck between Peter and Jane for the whole rant and by the end does not know where to look.

Adam later told The Independent the whole experience was 'surreal' and said Peter had his sympathy for being put under 'incredible pressure' by the show.

He also mentioned that he still gets recognised by people who've watched the clip, including once across the pond in Ohio.

There were actually some final words for Adam right at the end of Peter's rant which ended up getting cut from the episode, with Adam revealing that Peter told him he was 'very funny, your food wasn't great, it's been a pleasure'.

The other contestants didn't know where to look during his speech.
Channel 4

As for what happened to Peter, he only ever spoke about his experience on Come Dine With Me once, where he was very critical of the way the episode had been edited to make him look.

He told the Mirror: "What's shown is not all that happens and people will believe what they're shown."

He ended up locking his Twitter account after 'hundreds' of people tracked him down on social media and these days he's living in the Greater Oxford area and working as a sales manager.

Despite his rant there are some Come Dine With Me fans who reckon Peter was in the right to go after Jane, arguing that if you watch the whole show he had a genuine reason to be annoyed at her.

Jane might have won the money, but Peter ended up becoming world famous for delivering one of the greatest rants in TV history.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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