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Scary Pictures Show Danger Of Falling Asleep With Phone Charging In Bed

Scary Pictures Show Danger Of Falling Asleep With Phone Charging In Bed

The warning came from a Facebook page dedicated to ensuring people have baby and child CPR and First Aid knowledge

If you're one of those people that needs your phone or device in bed with you when you're asleep, you might want to read on.

That's because doing this could be really dangerous, in that it could set your entire bed on fire.

It's a warning that has been issued specifically for children who got new tablets for Christmas but extends to anyone who places a device (on charger) somewhere flammable during the night.

Facebook/CPR Kids

Pictures, that were shared by the Australian Fire Department, show exactly how dangerous charging on a flammable surface can be.

They show the lead end of a charger which looks to have had all it's protective coating melted away.

From there, it has started to the a bedsheet and another cover, giving an insight into the damage that can be done if left.

The post has been shared by CPR Kids, a page dedicated to CPR and First Aid education.

Facebook/CPR Kids

Alongside the pictures, they wrote: "Did your children receive a tablet or phone for Christmas?

"Make sure that they never charge electronics in bed - teach them to follow manufacturers' guidelines. Charge on a flat surface with no flammable materials around, make sure there are no foreign objects in the connector or plug, and avoid cheap accessories such as cords. 

"Also, it is important to check that cords are always in good condition and dispose of any that show signs of wear and tear. Damaged cords and charging in unsafe conditions can pose an electrocution and fire risk!

"And always keep cords out of reach of little ones."

Facebook/CPR Kids

Tagging people in the comments, one Facebook user wrote: "This is why I tell you to remove the power board from your bed!"

Another added: "This is what I have been saying," while a third said: "Need to speak to the kids."

Sharing their own experience, someone else commented: "We once charged our phone on a book on our desk. The phone heated up so much the book caught fire. Smoke hadn’t gotten to the smoke detector yet. Foul smell alerted us first. Lucky we weren’t asleep."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/CPR Kids

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