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Doctor warns Brits you shouldn't keep your heating on at night

Doctor warns Brits you shouldn't keep your heating on at night

Dr Karan Rajan warned that staying toasty throughout your slumber has some major drawbacks.

As the winter months roll in, many people will soon be turning their heating up to keep toasty.

But if you plan on leaving it on all night so you stay warm throughout your slumber, you may want to reconsider it.

And it's not just because your energy bill will be through the roof.

A doctor has warned that you could be unknowingly wreaking havoc on your sleeping pattern with your heating habits.

Dr Karan Rajan said Brits need to start incorporating turning the thermostat down into their nightly routine.

When darkness draws in and the temperature drops, our body begins to produce the hormone melatonin. This helps us fall asleep by effectively calming our bodies before bed.

But if the heating is on full whack, your body temperature won't drop - meaning you will likely struggle to get to sleep.

Dr Karan Rajan says you will have a better sleep if you turn the heating off.
10,000 Hours/Getty Images

Dr Rajan told Birmingham Live: "Our body's core temperature needs to drop to initiate sleep. So a cooler temperature gets you closer to the target sleep temperature of your body, so you fall asleep a lot faster.

"Warmer temperatures means your brain and body are more active trying to cool you down," he explained.

"This increased brain activity limits the amount of REM and slow wave sleep your body needs to recharge."

People who suffer from insomnia tend to have a higher temperature when they first climb between the sheets, according to scientists at the University of Southern Australia.

They typically struggle to nod off, so experts recommend finding a cooler spot to have a more rewarding snooze.

It is supposed to help you slip into a deeper sleep than normal - and gives you the excuse to cling to your partner if you're freezing cold. It's a win win!

Turning the thermostat off will secure you a better sleep and save you cash.
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Sleep geeks say leaving the heating on throughout the night can also wreak havoc on your skin.

You can wake up with a red and itchy face the following morning, as the heat had dried out your epidermis.

It's a no brainer really - save your wallet, sleeping pattern and skin the trouble and crank the thermostat right down before bed.

Just stick it on first thing in the morning to warm your cockles while you enjoy a cuppa.

The NHS recommend putting your heating up to 18°C when temperatures outside drop below 15°C, which should keep you comfortably warm during the colder months.

But experts have advised Brits to try and hold off until the end of the month and instead put another layer on to combat the chill.

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