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There is a special place in hell for people who put their towels on sunbeds when they're on holiday.

And one security guard at a hotel had had enough when he came down and saw dozens of them around the pool.

In a video posted to TikTok, an employee can be seen wandering around the pool at a hotel in Tenerife and plucking every towel that's been left out by eager guests.

Sharing the clip to their channel, @renovatewithroberta wrote: "They should do this everywhere."

If you've ever woke up to find all the best spots nabbed before you've even had your breakfast, you will no doubt sympathise with the sentiment.

The security guard had had enough.

And plenty of other people did too. Since the clip was shared last year, it has been viewed over 176,000 times, with fellow holidaymakers backing the security guard's work.

One user said: "I agree, first come, first served."

Another wrote: "They should do this at all resorts everywhere."

"Spot on, you wouldn't walk into a restaurant and leave your jackets on the chairs to reserve a seat," put a third.

While someone else added: "Never got why people on holiday wanna get up first thing in the morning for a lounger, if they could only have breakfast at 6.30am, they'd freak out."

This hotel employee isn't the only on to get their own back on sunbed hoggers, though.

TikToker John McGowan was relaxing in the sun when he spotted a man who apparently works at the hotel he was staying at, walking through the loungers with some empty plastic bags.

The worker respectfully folded up the towels.

When McGowan arrived at two empty, but 'reserved' beds, the worker set about neatly folding up the towels which had been thrown down, before placing them each into their own plastic bags.

The man collected up an inflatable flamingo which had also been used as a ploy to make the bed look in use, and carried the whole lot away to some mysterious location.

Probably just a cupboard, but we don't know for sure.

McGowan soundtracked the video with the sound of police sirens, describing the worker as the 'towel police' and adding: "Bit of Justice served today."

Though the owners of the towels probably wouldn't have been too happy to learn their beds had been taken away, TikTok users praised the hotel worker for the respectful way he dealt with their items.

"Well done to this resort, hope others take note, might make peoples hols less stressful if towel dash don’t happen anymore," one viewer wrote.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/renovatewithroberta

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