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Singer Bitten On Face By Snake While Filming Music Video

Singer Bitten On Face By Snake While Filming Music Video

Maeta shared a video which simply said: "Never again."

This is the moment a singer was bitten by a snake while shooting a music video:

Maeta can be seen in the black and white clip lying on the floor with a black snake on her chest moving just below her chin.

A couple of seconds on, someone can be seen going to place white snake on top of her as well which was when the animal already sprawled across her attacked her face.

It quickly and unexpectedly closed its mouth around her chin as she recoiled and grabbed hold of it to move it away.


Posting the video on to her Twitter page, where she has nearly 2,000 followers, she wrote simply: "Never again," and we can all tell she really means that.

Since being shared, the five second clip has been watched over 3,200 times with people asking whether she's ok.

Despite not responding to anyone's worries, she did post a selfie a couple of days later.

In her replies, one person wrote: "The snake said 'oh look, a snack'," while another added: "Oh hell no, you're a trooper... hope they at least got a decent shot."

A third wrote: "You've been 'bitten' now... you're really about to blow. Stay up Love..."

And someone else urged: "You got off easy. That little guy didn’t even get a grip. Please don’t let this one experience give you a negative mindset about these beautiful animals."


It's not the first time reptiles have caused some trouble in front of a camera. A San Diego man was once bitten by a rattlesnake when he tried to take a selfie which later resulted in a medical bill of $153,000 (£110,954). Expensive selfie.

Todd Fassler spotted the animal in a bush back in 2015 and thought it made sense to try and get a snap of it - with himself in the shot as well. Which was when the snake bit his arm and released potentially deadly venom.

He was pumped with anti-venom drug CroFab - completely blasting through the entire anti-venom supplies of two hospitals.


Speaking to CBS at the time, Dr. Keith Boesen, director of the Arizona Poison & Drug Information Center said: "The only effective treatment is antivenom. 

"There's blood tests we can do to determine the effect of the venom. Hospital bills can always be worked out or negotiated, but you can't really negotiate, other than prosthetics, the loss of part of your hand or your arm."

I know, let's try and leave snakes to their own devices.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Maetasworld

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