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LIVE: Anthony Joshua Vs Alexander Povetkin

Jess Hardiman

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LIVE: Anthony Joshua Vs Alexander Povetkin

Anthony Joshua and mandatory challenger Alexander Povetkin go toe-to-toe in tonight's world-heavyweight clash in Wembley Arena, London.

Twenty-eight-year-old Brit Joshua - who currently holds three world titles and is a strong favourite to win - has weighed in at 17st 8lbs (246lbs) while his 39-year-old Russian opponent weighed in at 15st 12lbs (222lbs).

Ahead of the fight, Joshua referred to his rival as a 'serious challenge' that he had had to prepare for meticulously, adding: "He has serious pedigree and only a fool would underestimate what he brings to the table.

"It's not the height of the man, it's the fight of the man. He's fought people like me all his life. He's used to tall guys. He knows how to slip and throw punches, so I've got to make sure I give him no gaps or openings. It's not the height that's the issue - it's how willing and determined he is."


Povetkin, meanwhile, said: "The battle for the World title has always been my goal. I fought for the moment to face the strongest in the world and on September 22 I get my opportunity. Anthony Joshua has four belts and I want them all. I'm glad that our fight will finally take place, the meeting of two Olympic champions in the ring is destined to be a breath-taking event."

We've got Michael Buffer as our master of ceremonies this evening. He welcomes Alexander Povetkin first - who's greeted by boos from the crowd - before Anthony Joshua makes his way out to the sound of 'We Will Rock You' by Queen.

Well, I guess there's nothing else for it... Off you go, fellas.


Round 1: So we've got Povetkin in black, Joshua in white. Both looking sharp, LADs.

Bit of a tentative start from the pair of 'em - Joshua eventually dominates the middle of the ring, but Povetkin manages to show that maybe he shouldn't be too underrated after all with some confident hits.

A small stumble from Joshua at the end, too, but he keeps it together.

Round 2: Povetkin comes back in hard and quick, as it becomes apparent that Joshua's nose is in a bit of a bad way. Looks like he's broken it. Erk.


The Brit hasn't got off to the strong start that we all expected, and it looks like Povetkin is taking his opportunity to use that to his advantage.

Round 3: Joshua still doesn't seem to be finding his stride - I mean, you wouldn't either with a broken nose, would you? Especially with some bloke throwing punches at you.

Another fairly even round, but Povetkin's throwing everything in right now. Will he get tired? Wouldn't want him to blow his load too early or owt...

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Round 4: Joshua seems to be easing in a bit more now - swinging a left hook in to Povetkin, cutting him above the left eye.

In fact, that eye looks to be in a pretty bad way, and might be encroaching on his vision.

Round 5: It's two rounds apiece at the moment. Both have already taken a bit of a battering, but are clearly trying not to let it affect their game too much.

Oooh, Idris Elba's there! *waves*


Round 6: Joshua tries to throw his dominance around early, throwing in some quick jabs. Looks like he's finally found his range.

Povetkin's firing back, though, so remains a serious threat - but doesn't seem as sprightly as he was earlier.

Wonder if Idris can see much of the action in those sunnies?

Round 7: Yep, while Joshua starts finding his groove, and is just about ahead.

Povetkin still defo thinks he could do this, though, even if he does seem to be slowing down a bit.

Cor, this is a much more equal fight than anyone anticipated, isn't it?

OH. Literally as I said that Joshua strikes Povetkin down with a fierce right hander. THAT'S IT, IT'S OVER.

AJ wins by knockout in the seventh round. Now, off you pop to go and get some celebratory tequilas down your neck with Idris.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Jess Hardiman
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