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Eddie Hearn’s reaction to Anthony Joshua’s brutal KO win over Francis Ngannou has fans in tears

Eddie Hearn’s reaction to Anthony Joshua’s brutal KO win over Francis Ngannou has fans in tears

Eddie Hearn couldn't contain his excitement

Eddie Hearn’s reaction to Anthony Joshua’s brutal knockout win over Francis Ngannou has fans left in stitches.

The British boxer defeated the Cameroonian in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last night as the likes of Tyson Fury watched from the front row.

AJ gave quite the show for fans as he started off with all guns blazing from the get-go, knocking him down in the first round.

But it was the whopper of a righthand to Ngannou’s jaw that KO’d him in the second round.

This takes Joshua’s boxing record to an impressive 28-3-0 with a big 25 wins by KO.

As the Brit showed great sportsmanship and ‘class’ in his response – waiting for his opponent to be ok’d by medics before celebrating – his promoter was absolutely buzzing.

Richard Pelham/Getty Images
Richard Pelham/Getty Images

While some fans found AJ’s post-match speech a bit ‘cringe’ and ‘weird’, others were in tears laughing at Hearn celebrating.

As Ngannou was KO’d, the promoter leapt to his feet and well, almost galloped to the ring doing a jump for joy before making his way over to Joshua.

One fan even wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “Eddie Hearn going full Will from Inbetweeners dance with excitement at Joshua knocking out Ngannou.”

Of course, that’s a pretty savage reference to Will dancing in the bar in The Inbetweeners Movie.

But to be fair, Hearn does seem to skip and gallop from his seat.

Another posted: “@EddieHearn reaction after AJ defeats Ngannou by 2nd round destruction… for me, it’s the little hop he does at the end.”

Others simply just posted crying-laughing emojis as one replied: “Rightly so. Love to see it.”

During his post-match speech, Joshua simply said ‘it is what it is’ before going on to praise his opponent.

Hearn was buzzing.
Richard Pelham/Getty Images

He added: “I don't know if I'm in my peak, I'm pushing day by day, who knows where it will take me? In five years I won't be fighting no more, this will be a distant memory.”

And Hearn told Sky Sports that AJ is ‘the best heavyweight in the world’ as he talked up about wanting Tyson Fury to finally face the KO-winning boxer.

Meanwhile, the Gypsy King had a very honest reaction to Joshua’s win.

He told DAZN: “I'm sure Oleksandr Usyk will have something to say something about that. I had a s*** performance against Ngannou. AJ did absolutely fantastic and lit him up with a right hand.

“If he fights me after I beat Usyk twice then it will be a different game."

Featured Image Credit: Richard Pelham/Getty Images

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