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Notorious prankster behind sex noise prank at Euro 2024 draw explains how he did it

Notorious prankster behind sex noise prank at Euro 2024 draw explains how he did it

Daniel 'Jarvo' Jarvis managed to interrupt the Euro 2024 draw by play sex noises

The prankster behind the stunt which interrupted the Euro 2024 draw with sex noises has come clean and explained just how he managed to pull it off.

Daniel 'Jarvo' Jarvis has pulled off tricks like this in the past, having previously played 'pornographic noises' over Match of the Day's live FA Cup coverage.

Watch that prank here:

This time he decided to go a little bit bigger in scope and interrupt the Euro 2024 draw that determined how the groups would look for next year's competition.

In case you missed it, England have been drawn against Denmark, Serbia and Slovenia, while Scotland face Germany, Hungary and Switzerland.

Wales will have to beat Finland and then one of Poland or Estonia to make it through, where their prize would be joining France, the Netherlands and Austria in their group.

The Euro 2024 draw was interrupted by the loud blaring of sex noises.

But enough about the football, you want to know how Jarvo played sex noises over the Euro 2024 draw.

He explained to The Sun that he was simply able to walk past security with a cheap but loud phone and taped it to a lectern the day before the draw.

With the phone's volume cranked up and the ringtone set to sex noises all he had to do was ring the number and set off the sound.

While there was security on site checking whether people were supposed to be there or not, Jarvo said he 'just walked past' and not one of them stopped him.

He said: "You’ve just got to walk in like you own the place and are meant to be there and get past them fast.

"There were a lot of people there but no one asked what I was doing."

The internet prankster was able to disrupt the Euro 2024 draw.
YouTube/Jarvo69 aka BMW Jarvo

The prankster was naturally very, very happy that it all worked and it seems that just walking in like you're supposed to be there can get you all sorts of places.

It's pretty much the same method he had when he played noises over Match of the Day.

That time he just followed a TV crew into Molineux Stadium and all it took to get past security was a nonchalant nod.

By acting like he was supposed to be there the TV crew thought he worked for Wolverhampton Wanderers and the club staff thought he was part of the TV crew.

Once he'd made it inside he'd managed to tape a Yepen mobile phone with naughty noises as the ringtone to a wall on the Match of the Day set.

Jarvo doesn't always get his way, however, as he explained that he'd 'tried this before and it didn't work'.

Featured Image Credit: UEFA X/Jarvo69

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