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Study finds that people associate different types of penises with different personalities

Anish Vij

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Study finds that people associate different types of penises with different personalities

In proof that some scientists have too much time on their hands, an actual study has determined what personality traits are associated with different types of penises.

Curious what types of dicks are associated with neuroticism or having numerous sexual partners? Find out more below:


As explained by 'Dr. M the Science Femme' in the video above, people can make assumptions about personality based on penis length, girth and pubic hair.


Research study - 'Personality and Sexual Perceptions of Penises: Digital Impression Formation' - got together 106 college students, mostly females, and asked them to take a look at 24 pictures of penises that varied in girth, length and pubic hair.

Once they had a look at the explicit pics, they would then have to determine whether it met the following criteria.

1. This is a prototypical/stereotypical penis.

2. This is an attractive penis.


3. This person is sexually active.

4. This person would be good in bed.

5. This person is extraverted, enthusiastic.

6. This person is dependable, self-disciplined.


7. This person is anxious, easily upset.

8. This person is open to new experiences, complex.

9. This person is sympathetic, warm.

10. Would this person be an active member of sex (pleaser) or a passive member in sex (pillow princess)?


11. How many sexual partners do you think this person has had?

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

It was then concluded by the students that men with wide penises are perceived to be more sexually active and good in bed.

Yet those with long penises were even more attractive and more extraverted compared to those with shorter rods.


Also having a narrow penis means that you were perceived to be more neurotic.

Pubic hair was also judged to be 'surprisingly' important by the researchers, with people making negative judgements about both fully shaved and untrimmed pubes and preferring a happy middle ground.

People with long pubic hair are apparently introverted and not open to new experiences, while those into manscaping were considered more attractive and better in the sack.

“This topic really came out conversations with single colleagues and friends who were going through online dating and exchanging explicit media over apps and other messaging services,” author Thomas R. Brooks told PsyPost.

“When one of their potential hook ups would send a picture of themselves, my friends would joke around about their qualities as a lover, their potential personality, and what it would be like to be with them.

"I wanted to break it down and see if I could look at how explicit media contributed to this process of mate selection in digital spaces.”

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

Brooks added: “I think the big takeaway from this study is that people are being judged and assessed when they share pictures of their genitals.

“However, the story is so much more than just ‘big penis = good'.

"What we found was that the picture of a penis contributes to the implicit theory about that person, which includes assumed personality, behaviour, and other attributes.

"When you send a picture, you are giving that other person more material to make assumptions about you."

So if you're hiding the fact that you're a bit of a dick, your penis might give it away.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay YouTube/Dr Science Femme

Topics: Sex and Relationships

Anish Vij
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