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CCTV Footage Shows Man's Smartphone Explode in Pocket

CCTV Footage Shows Man's Smartphone Explode in Pocket

He was left with burns to his leg

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A man in India has been injured after his smartphone exploded in his pocket, as you can see in the footage below:

Captured on CCTV, the footage shows him working in a hardware factory with two other men, when suddenly an explosion can be seen occurring in his trouser pocket. He jumps up from his seat and frantically tries to get the phone away from him while smoke is pouring out.

After what seems like a lifetime, he manages to flick the phone from his pocket, where it lies on the floor, filling the room with smoke.

The three men then try to leave the workshop, in Mumbai, India, as quickly as possible, presumably worried the phone will do more damage. The man suffered burns to his leg - not ideal, but it could have been worse.

Man's smartphone explodes in pocket.

It's not the first time that smartphones have shown themselves to be potentially dangerous. Last year, a woman in East China experienced her phone bursting into flames on the dashboard of her car. It made for terrifying dash cam footage - in the video, the woman can be seen driving along when flames burst out of her Apple iPhone 6.

Clearly - and not surprisingly - panicking, the woman screams out but carries on driving as she's in the middle of traffic, and because the phone seems to have stopped burning.

Then, about 20 seconds later, the phone ignites again, but this time the flames keep on burning. The petrified woman gets out and begins screaming for help from nearby motorists and passers-by.

It turned out she had had her battery replaced at the Ho Ho Fast phone repair shop a couple of months before.

According to MailOnline, the Ho Ho Fast repair shop (aka 'Ji Hou Hou') is listed by as being authorised to repair iPhones in Shanghai.

A Ji Hou Hou spokesperson told the newspaper that the matter was being dealt with Shanghai Consumers Association, adding that the company was in contact with the owners of the exploding phone - however, MailOnline adds that no explanation was offered as to why the battery had exploded.

The woman was thankfully unharmed, but it just goes to show that although the cheaper option may seem like the best bet, sometimes it's best to pay a bit extra for somewhere legit.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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